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DataGrid.EditItemIndex Property

Gets or sets the index of an item in the DataGrid control to edit.

[Visual Basic]
Public Overridable Property EditItemIndex As Integer
public virtual int EditItemIndex {get; set;}
public: __property virtual int get_EditItemIndex();
public: __property virtual void set_EditItemIndex(int);
public function get EditItemIndex() : int;
public function set EditItemIndex(int);

Property Value

The index of an item in the DataGrid control to edit. The default value is -1, which indicates that no item in the DataGrid control is being edited.


Exception Type Condition
ArgumentOutOfRangeException The specified index is less than -1.


Use the EditItemIndex property when the DataGrid control contains an EditCommandColumn to determine the index of the item selected in the DataGrid control to edit.

This property is also used to programmatically control which item is being edited. Setting this property to an index of an item in the DataGrid control will enable editing controls for that item in the EditCommandColumn.

Note   The EditItemIndex property is zero based.

To cancel editing, programmatically set this property to -1.

CAUTION   Text is not HTML encoded before it is displayed in the DataGrid control. This makes it possible to embed script within HTML tags in the text. If the values for the control come from user input, be sure to validate the values to reduce security vulnerabilities.


Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 family

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