ExtractValuesFromCell Method

BoundField.ExtractValuesFromCell Method

Fills the specified System.Collections.IDictionary object with the values from the specified TableCell object.

Namespace: System.Web.UI.WebControls
Assembly: System.Web (in system.web.dll)

public override void ExtractValuesFromCell (
	IOrderedDictionary dictionary,
	DataControlFieldCell cell,
	DataControlRowState rowState,
	bool includeReadOnly
public void ExtractValuesFromCell (
	IOrderedDictionary dictionary, 
	DataControlFieldCell cell, 
	DataControlRowState rowState, 
	boolean includeReadOnly
public override function ExtractValuesFromCell (
	dictionary : IOrderedDictionary, 
	cell : DataControlFieldCell, 
	rowState : DataControlRowState, 
	includeReadOnly : boolean
Not applicable.



A System.Collections.IDictionary used to store the values of the specified cell.


The TableCell that contains the values to retrieve.


One of the DataControlRowState values.


true to include the values of read-only fields; otherwise, false.

The ExtractValuesFromCell method is provided as a convenient way to retrieve the values of the fields from the specified TableCell object in a BoundField object.


This method is used primarily by control developers.

This method does not have a return value. Instead, the field values are returned by reference through the System.Collections.IDictionary object passed in for the dictionary parameter. After the method has been called, iterate through the System.Collections.IDictionary object to access the field values.


If the TableCell object contains read-only field values, you must pass in true for the includeReadOnly parameter to include those values.

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