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System.Web.UI.SilverlightControls Namespace

The System.Web.UI.SilverlightControls namespace contains classes that allow ASP.NET developers to add Silverlight functionality to ASP.NET pages.

Public classMediaChapterRepresents the position of a chapter in a media source.
Public classMediaChapterCollectionRepresents a collection of MediaChapter objects.
Public classMediaPlayerProvides a player that runs media (video or audio) using Silverlight in an ASP.NET Web page.
Public classSilverlightProvides a way to integrate Microsoft Silverlight content in an ASP.NET Web page.
Public classSilverlightPluginRepresents the Silverlight browser plug-in.
Public classVersionConverterUsed internally to convert the version of a Silverlight-based application (.xap) file from a string to a Version object.

Public enumerationHtmlAccessSpecifies how the Silverlight-based application has access to the HTML document object model (DOM) on a page.
Public enumerationScaleModeSpecifies how the Silverlight source should be scaled to fit in the Silverlight host.

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