MobileListItemCollection Properties

(see also Protected Properties )
  Name Description
Public property Count  Returns the number of elements in a collection. (inherited from ArrayListCollectionBase)
Public property IsReadOnly  Gets a value indicating whether a collection is read-only. (inherited from ArrayListCollectionBase)
Public property IsSynchronized  Gets a value indicating whether a collection is synchronized. (inherited from ArrayListCollectionBase)
Public property Item Gets a MobileListItem item in the collection by index.
Public property SyncRoot  Returns the SyncRoot object for the collection. (inherited from ArrayListCollectionBase)

  Name Description
Protected property IsTrackingViewState Gets a value indicating whether the collection is tracking changes to view state.
Protected property Items  Gets or sets the collection of items in an array list object. The default value is Empty. (inherited from ArrayListCollectionBase)

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