This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

WmlLabelAdapter Properties

The WmlLabelAdapter type exposes the following members.

Protected property Control Returns a strongly typed reference to the associated control.
Public property Device Returns the device capabilities object associated with the request. (Inherited from ControlAdapter.)
Protected property FormAdapter Retrieves the form adapter for the form on which the associated control resides. (Inherited from WmlControlAdapter.)
Public property ItemWeight Accesses the approximate weight of a single item in the control. (Inherited from ControlAdapter.)
Public property Page Returns the page associated with the device adapter. (Inherited from ControlAdapter.)
Protected property PageAdapter Returns the page adapter for the mobile page. (Inherited from WmlControlAdapter.)
Protected property SecondaryUIMode Sets or returns the secondary user interface (UI) mode for the control. (Inherited from WmlControlAdapter.)
Public property Style Returns the style object associated with the control to which the device adapter is attached. (Inherited from ControlAdapter.)
Public property VisibleWeight Gets or sets the approximate weight of the control, in characters. (Inherited from ControlAdapter.)