MobileTextWriter Properties

(see also Protected Properties )
  Name Description
Public property Device Retrieves the MobileCapabilities object for the current requesting device.
Public property Encoding  Gets the encoding that the HtmlTextWriter object uses to write content to the page. (inherited from HtmlTextWriter)
Public property FormatProvider  Gets an object that controls formatting. (inherited from TextWriter)
Public property Indent  Gets or sets the number of tab positions to indent the beginning of each line of markup. (inherited from HtmlTextWriter)
Public property InnerWriter  Gets or sets the text writer that writes the inner content of the markup element. (inherited from HtmlTextWriter)
Public property NewLine  Gets or sets the line terminator string used by the HtmlTextWriter object. (inherited from HtmlTextWriter)
Public property SupportsMultiPart Overridden. Gets a value indicating whether multipart writing is supported. Default is false.

  Name Description
Protected property TagKey  Gets or sets the HtmlTextWriterTag value for the specified markup element. (inherited from HtmlTextWriter)
Protected property TagName  Gets or sets the tag name of the markup element being rendered. (inherited from HtmlTextWriter)