System.Web.UI.MobileControls Namespace

The System.Web.UI.MobileControls namespace contains a set of ASP.NET server controls that can render your application for different mobile devices.

Public classAdRotatorProvides a server control to display a randomly selected advertisement on a mobile page.
Public classArrayListCollectionBaseImplements the functionality of the ICollection interface to inheriting classes by using a Web Forms ArrayList object for storage.
Public classBaseValidatorProvides the core implementation for all validation controls derived from this class. As an abstract class, it cannot be instantiated.
Public classCalendarProvides control capability to display a calendar.
Public classCommandCreates a user interface element that enables users to invoke ASP.NET event handlers and it provides a means to post user input from UI elements back to the server.
Public classCompareValidatorDetermines validity by comparing a specific field in one control to a specific field in another control, using a specifiable comparison operator.
Public classConstantsCreates a UI element that allows user invocation of ASP.NET event handlers and provides a way to post user input from UI elements back to the server.
Public classControlElementRepresents the Control section within the MobileControls section of a configuration file. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classControlElementCollectionRepresents an XML element that contains a collection of Control sections within a MobileControls section of a configuration file.
Public classControlPagerUsed by a form to paginate its controls.
Public classCustomValidatorProvides a control that can perform custom validation against another control.
Public classDesignerAdapterAttributeProvides a reference to the type of adapter to be used in the designer.
Public classDeviceElementMaps specific adapters to specific mobile controls for a given device. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classDeviceElementCollectionA collection of DeviceElement objects.
Public classDeviceOverridableAttributeRepresents an attribute that indicates whether the rendering of a mobile control can be overridden by the device.
Public classDeviceSpecificProvides a construct for specifying a choice among multiple content alternatives in the <DeviceSpecific> element.
Public classDeviceSpecificChoiceProvides a single choice within a DeviceSpecific/Choice construct.
Public classDeviceSpecificChoiceCollectionRepresents a collection of choices for the DeviceSpecific class.
Public classDeviceSpecificChoiceControlBuilderImplements a custom persistence format for the DeviceSpecificChoice class.
Public classDeviceSpecificChoiceTemplateBuilderSupports the page parser in building a template and the child controls it contains.
Public classDeviceSpecificChoiceTemplateContainerStores templates for use by the DeviceSpecificChoice class.
Public classDeviceSpecificControlBuilderProvides parsing support for DeviceSpecific/Choice constructs.
Public classErrorFormatterPageSpecifies a built-in page that can render exception and error information to mobile devices.
Public classFontInfoProvides access to all font-related style information about an ASP.NET mobile control.
Public classFormProvides the capability to group controls together.
Public classFormControlBuilderProvides parsing support for Form controls.
Public classImageDisplays an image on a mobile Web page.
Public classItemPagerAssists in paginating a form.
Public classLabelProvides control capability to represent a label control for displaying text on a mobile device.
Public classLinkRepresents a hyperlink to another MobileControl.Form on the same mobile page or to an arbitrary URI.
Public classListRenders a list of items as either a static display or an interactive list.
Public classListCommandEventArgsProvides data for the ItemCommand event of a List control.
Public classListControlBuilderProvides parsing support for List and SelectionList controls.
Public classListDataBindEventArgsProvides parameters for an ItemDataBind event.
Public classLiteralLinkProvides literal hyperlinks.
Public classLiteralTextProvides the run-time instantiation of literal text specified in a form.
Public classLiteralTextContainerControlBuilderProvides parsing support for literal text containers.
Public classLiteralTextControlBuilderProvides parsing support for literal text.
Public classLoadItemsEventArgsProvides event data for ASP.NET mobile controls that support custom pagination.
Public classMobileControlProvides a base class for all ASP.NET mobile control classes.
Public classMobileControlBuilderProvides parsing support for all ASP.NET mobile controls.
Public classMobileControlsSectionRepresents configuration information regarding mobile controls, their adapters, and device filters.
Public classMobileControlsSectionHandlerHandles configuration sections that are represented by a single XML tag in the .config file.
Public classMobileListItemRepresents an individual item within a List or SelectionList ASP.NET mobile control.
Public classMobileListItemCollectionRepresents a collection of MobileListItem objects, and is used to hold the items of a List control and a SelectionList control.
Public classMobilePageServes as the base class for all ASP.NET mobile Web Forms pages.
Public classMobileTypeNameConverterConverts the value of an object into a different data type. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classMobileUserControlProvides the base class for ASP.NET mobile user controls.
Public classObjectListEnables you to specify multiple fields for display, per item in an object list.
Public classObjectListCommandRepresents a command in an ObjectList ASP.NET mobile control.
Public classObjectListCommandCollectionRepresents a collection of ObjectListCommand objects.
Public classObjectListCommandEventArgsProvides information data for the ItemCommand event of an ObjectList.
Public classObjectListControlBuilderProvides parsing support for an ObjectList instance.
Public classObjectListDataBindEventArgsProvides data for the ItemDataBind event of an ObjectList control.
Public classObjectListFieldRepresents a field of an ObjectList ASP.NET mobile control. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classObjectListFieldCollectionRepresents a collection of ObjectListField objects.
Public classObjectListItemRepresents an individual item within an ObjectListItemCollection.
Public classObjectListItemCollectionRepresents a collection of ObjectListItem objects.
Public classObjectListSelectEventArgsProvides data for the ItemSelect event of an ObjectList.
Public classObjectListShowCommandsEventArgsProvides data for the ShowItemCommands event of an ObjectList.
Public classObjectListTitleAttributeProvides the title of an object list in an object list field.
Public classPagedControlFunctions as a base class used by controls that support internal pagination.
Public classPagerStyleProvides style capability for the pagination UI of a page.
Public classPanelProvides a container for organizing controls in a mobile Web forms page.
Public classPanelControlBuilderProvides parsing support for Panel controls.
Public classPersistNameAttributeThis attribute supports the .NET Framework infrastructure and should not be used directly by your code.
Public classPhoneCallProvides control capability to render a command that the user can select to dial the specified phone number.
Public classRangeValidatorValidates that another control's value falls within an allowable range.
Public classRegularExpressionValidatorProvides control capability to validate that another control's value matches a provided regular expression.
Public classRequiredFieldValidatorProvides control capability to validate whether the value of the associated input control is different from its initial value.
Public classSelectionListProvides several different visual representations for a list of selectable items.
Public classStyleOrganizes style characteristics of an ASP.NET mobile control.
Public classStyleSheetOrganizes styles that will be applied to other controls.
Public classStyleSheetControlBuilderProvides parsing support for a StyleSheet control.
Public classTemplateContainerDerived from the Panel class and used by ASP.NET to contain DeviceSpecificChoice templates.
Public classTextBoxProvides a text-based control that allows the user to enter text.
Public classTextBoxControlBuilderProvides parsing support for a TextBox.
Public classTextControlThe base TextControl class is an abstract class from which concrete text-based controls are derived.
Public classTextViewProvides a programmable control for displaying larger amounts of text, with optional markup tags on a mobile page.
Public classTextViewElementProvides text for a TextView object.
Public classValidationSummaryPresents a summary of all the validation errors that have occurred on a form.

Public interfaceIControlAdapterDefines the interface to a control adapter.
Public interfaceIObjectListFieldCollectionImplements a read-only base interface for the ObjectListFieldCollection class.
Public interfaceIPageAdapterDefines the interface to a page adapter.
Public interfaceITemplateableActs as a marker interface, and has no members of any kind.

Public delegateListCommandEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the ItemCommand event of a List.
Public delegateListDataBindEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the ItemDataBind event of a List control.
Public delegateLoadItemsEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the ItemDataBind event of a SelectionList control.
Public delegateObjectListCommandEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the ItemCommand event of an ObjectList.
Public delegateObjectListDataBindEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the ItemDataBind event of an ObjectList.
Public delegateObjectListSelectEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the ItemSelect event of an ObjectList control.
Public delegateObjectListShowCommandsEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the ItemCommand event of an ObjectList.

Public enumerationAlignmentSpecifies the alignment of a rendered object. This class cannot be inherited.
Public enumerationBooleanOptionSpecifies a style option. This class cannot be inherited.
Public enumerationCommandFormatSets the rendering style of the Command control, through the Format property.
Public enumerationFontSizeSpecifies the size of the rendered text. This class cannot be inherited.
Public enumerationFormMethodSpecifies the type of submission for a form as a GET or POST request. This class cannot be inherited.
Public enumerationListDecorationSpecifies the type of decoration to be added to list items. This class cannot be inherited.
Public enumerationListSelectTypeSpecifies how the selection list UI will be presented. This class cannot be inherited.
Public enumerationMobileListItemTypeAssigns an item type to an element in a List or ObjectList control's child controls. This class cannot be inherited.
Public enumerationObjectListViewModeSpecifies the display mode of the object list. This class cannot be inherited.
Public enumerationWrappingSpecifies how rendered text is wrapped. This class cannot be inherited.