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Html32TextWriter.OnTagRender Method

Determines whether the specified HTML element has been rendered to the requesting page.

[Visual Basic]
Overrides Protected Function OnTagRender( _
   ByVal name As String, _
   ByVal key As HtmlTextWriterTag _
) As Boolean
protected override bool OnTagRender(
 string name,
 HtmlTextWriterTag key
protected: bool OnTagRender(
 String* name,
 HtmlTextWriterTag key
protected override function OnTagRender(
   name : String,
 key : HtmlTextWriterTag
) : Boolean;


The HTML element to render.
The HtmlTextWriterTag enumeration value associated with the HTML element.

Return Value

true if the HTML element has been rendered to the requesting page; otherwise, false.


This method associates the div element with an HTML table to simplify page layout for browsers that do not support this element.


Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 family

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