This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

ListItemsCollectionEditor Properties

The ListItemsCollectionEditor type exposes the following members.

Protected property CollectionItemType Gets the data type of each item in the collection. (Inherited from CollectionEditor.)
Protected property CollectionType Gets the data type of the collection object. (Inherited from CollectionEditor.)
Protected property Context Gets a type descriptor that indicates the current context. (Inherited from CollectionEditor.)
Protected property HelpTopic Gets the Help topic to display for the ListItemsCollectionEditor object. (Overrides CollectionEditor.HelpTopic.)
Public property IsDropDownResizable Gets a value indicating whether drop-down editors should be resizable by the user. (Inherited from UITypeEditor.)
Protected property NewItemTypes Gets the available types of items that can be created for this collection. (Inherited from CollectionEditor.)