This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

IDataSourceDesigner Members

Defines the basic functionality for a data source designer.

The IDataSourceDesigner type exposes the following members.

Public method Configure Launches the underlying data source's configuration wizard.
Public method GetView Gets the DesignerDataSourceView for the specified view.
Public method GetViewNames Gets the names of the views in the underlying data source.
Public method RefreshSchema Refreshes the schema of the underlying data source.
Public method ResumeDataSourceEvents Resumes raising data source events after calling the SuppressDataSourceEvents method.
Public method SuppressDataSourceEvents Suppresses all events raised by a data source until the ResumeDataSourceEvents method is called.

Public property CanConfigure Gets a value that indicates whether the Configure method can be called.
Public property CanRefreshSchema Gets a value that indicates whether the RefreshSchema method can be called.

Public event DataSourceChanged Occurs when a data source has changed in a way that affects data-bound controls.
Public event SchemaRefreshed Occurs when the fields or data of the underlying data source have changed.