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ControlDesigner Properties

The properties of the ControlDesigner class are listed here. For a complete list of ControlDesigner class members, see the ControlDesigner Members topic.

Public Properties

public propertyAllowResize Gets a value indicating whether the control can be resized.
public propertyAssociatedComponents (inherited from ComponentDesigner) Gets the collection of components associated with the component managed by the designer.
public propertyBehavior (inherited from HtmlControlDesigner) Gets or sets the DHTML behavior associated with the designer instance.
public propertyComponent (inherited from ComponentDesigner) Gets the component this designer is designing.
public propertyDataBindings (inherited from HtmlControlDesigner) Gets or sets the data bindings for the current control.
public propertyDesignTimeHtmlRequiresLoadComplete Gets a value indicating whether the designer must have completed loading before the design-time HTML can be used.
public propertyID Gets or sets the ID string for the control.
public propertyIsDirty Gets or sets a value indicating whether the Web server control has been marked as changed.
public propertyReadOnly Gets or sets a value indicating whether the properties of the control are read-only at design-time.
public propertyShouldCodeSerialize (inherited from HtmlControlDesigner) Gets or sets a value indicating whether a field declaration for the control should be created in the code-behind file for the current design document during serialization.
public propertyVerbs (inherited from ComponentDesigner) Gets the design-time verbs supported by the component that is associated with the designer.

Protected Properties

protected propertyDesignTimeElement (inherited from HtmlControlDesigner) Gets the design-time object representing the control associated with the HtmlControlDesigner on the design surface.
protected propertyInheritanceAttribute (inherited from ComponentDesigner) Gets an attribute that indicates the type of inheritance of the associated component.
protected propertyInherited (inherited from ComponentDesigner) Gets a value indicating whether this component is inherited.
protected propertyShadowProperties (inherited from ComponentDesigner) Gets a collection of property values that override user settings.

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