ColorBuilder Class

Provides an HTML color string builder at design time that allows a user to select a color.

Namespace: System.Web.UI.Design
Assembly: System.Design (in

public sealed class ColorBuilder
public final class ColorBuilder
public final class ColorBuilder
Not applicable.

The BuildColor method starts a user interface for selecting a color value.

The ColorBuilder class is not intended for use outside of the design time environment. ColorBuilder requires the IWebFormsBuilderUIService, which is typically available within a Web Forms project at design time. If you want to build HTML color strings, you may want to implement a method that converts the RGB values of a Color object to an HTML-compatible RRGGBB format string. If you intend to use a control to select a color or configure a color, you can build a user interface for this, or you may want to use a PropertyGrid control which allows you to edit Color properties with the default ColorEditor providing a color selection interface.


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