This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Web.UI.DataVisualization.Charting Namespace

The System.Web.UI.DataVisualization.Charting namespace contains methods and properties for the Chart Web server control.

Public classAnnotationDefines properties and methods common to all annotations. This is an abstract class.
Public classAnnotationCollectionStores chart annotation objects.
Public classAnnotationGroupRepresents a group of annotations.
Public classAnnotationPathPointRepresents a path point of a PolylineAnnotation or PolygonAnnotation, which is stored in their PathPoints property.
Public classAnnotationPathPointCollectionRepresents a collection of PolylineAnnotation or PolygonAnnotation path points, which can be accessed using the GraphicPathPoints property.
Public classAnnotationSmartLabelStyleStores the smart label properties of an annotation.
Public classAnovaResultRepresents the results of an ANOVA statistical test.
Public classArrowAnnotationRepresents an arrow annotation.
Public classAxisProvides methods and properties that manage axes in the Chart control.
Public classAxisScaleBreakStyleRepresents a scale break on the Y-axis of the chart.
Public classAxisScaleViewRepresents a scaled view of the chart.
Public classBorder3DAnnotationRepresents an annotation with a 3D border.
Public classBorderSkinRepresents the drawing properties of the 3D border skin.
Public classCalloutAnnotationRepresents a callout annotation.
Public classChartServes as the root class of the Chart control.
Public classChartAreaRepresents a chart area on the chart image.
Public classChartArea3DStyleManages the display attributes for three-dimensional (3D) chart areas.
Public classChartAreaCollectionRepresents a collection of ChartArea objects.
Public classChartElementBase class for all the chart elements. The ChartElement class represents the most basic element of the chart element hierarchy.
Public classChartElementCollection<T>Represents the base class for all chart element collections.
Public classChartElementOutlineRepresents an array of marker points and the outline path used for visual object selection in the chart.
Public classChartGraphicsProvides numerous conversion functions and exposes a GDI+ Graphics object.
Public classChartHttpHandlerProcesses HTTP web requests using a custom HTTP handler; handles chart images.
Public classChartHttpHandlerSettingsProvides attributes that can be used to write a custom HTTP handler for storing temporary image files.
Public classChartNamedElementRepresents the base class for most chart elements. Chart elements such as series, chart areas, and legends must have unique names, and reuse the unique name generation and validation logic provided by the ChartNamedElementCollection<T> class.
Public classChartNamedElementCollection<T>Represents the base class for all collections of named chart elements. Performs name management and enforces the uniqueness of the names.
Public classChartPaintEventArgsProvides data for the paint events of the Chart control.
Public classChartSerializerEnables serialization of the Chart control.
Public classCustomizeLegendEventArgsProvides data for the CustomizeLegend event of the Chart control.
Public classCustomizeMapAreasEventArgsProvides data for the CustomizeMapAreas event of the Chart control.
Public classCustomLabelRepresents a custom label for an axis.
Public classCustomLabelsCollectionRepresents a collection of CustomLabel objects.
Public classCustomPropertiesInfrastructure.
Public classDataFormulaProvides properties and methods to prepare series data for technical analysis, apply formulas on the series data and prepare output data to be displayed as a chart. The actual calculations are performed in the StatisticFormula class.
Public classDataManipulatorPerforms data manipulation operations at run time. This class is exposed by the DataManipulator property of the root Chart object.
Public classDataPointRepresents a data point that is stored in the DataPointCollection class.
Public classDataPointCollectionRepresents a collection of DataPoint objects.
Public classDataPointComparerCompares data points.
Public classDataPointCustomPropertiesDefines custom properties that are common to data points, series and empty points.
Public classElementPositionRepresents the base class for many visual elements of the chart such as the legend, title, and chart areas. Defines the position of the chart element in relative coordinates, which range from (0,0) to (100,100).
Public classEllipseAnnotationRepresents an ellipse annotation.
Public classFormatNumberEventArgsRepresents the event arguments of the localized number-formatting event.
Public classFTestResultStores results of the FTest statistical methods.
Public classGridProvides methods and properties that manage the major and minor grids of Axis objects.
Public classHitTestResultRepresents the results of a hit test.
Public classHorizontalLineAnnotationRepresents a horizontal line annotation.
Public classImageAnnotationRepresents an image annotation.
Public classLabelStyleProvides properties that define the visual appearance of the axis labels.
Public classLegendRepresents the legend for the chart image.
Public classLegendCellRepresents a legend cell in a legend item.
Public classLegendCellCollectionStores legend cells in a LegendCellCollection object.
Public classLegendCellColumnRepresents a cell column in a legend, which is used to extend the functionality of the default legend.
Public classLegendCellColumnCollectionStores LegendCellColumn objects, which are applied to default legend items.
Public classLegendCollectionRepresents a collection of Legend objects.
Public classLegendItemRepresents a legend item, which is stored in the LegendItemsCollection class.
Public classLegendItemsCollectionRepresents a collection of LegendItem objects.
Public classLineAnnotationRepresents a line annotation.
Public classMapAreaRepresents a map area.
Public classMapAreasCollectionRepresents a collection of MapArea objects.
Public classMarginsRepresents the margins for various chart elements.
Public classNamedImageRepresents named images, which are stored in the NamedImagesCollection.
Public classNamedImagesCollectionRepresents a collection of NamedImage objects.
Public classPoint3DRepresents the coordinates of a three-dimensional (3D) data point. This class is used when performing custom drawing with 3D charts.
Public classPolygonAnnotationRepresents a polygon annotation.
Public classPolylineAnnotationRepresents a polyline annotation.
Public classRectangleAnnotationRepresents a rectangle annotation.
Public classSeriesStores data points and series attributes.
Public classSeriesCollectionRepresents a collection of Series objects.
Public classSmartLabelStyleProvides methods and properties used to perform intelligent, rule-based data point label positioning to resolve overlapping data point label issues.
Public classStatisticFormulaCalculates statistical formulas.
Public classStripLineRepresents the strip lines on a chart.
Public classStripLinesCollectionRepresents a collection of StripLine objects.
Public classTextAnnotationRepresents a text annotation.
Public classTickMarkRepresents the major and minor tick marks along an axis.
Public classTitleRepresents a title for the entire chart image.
Public classTitleCollectionRepresents a collection of Title objects.
Public classTTestResultStores the results of a T Test statistical formula.
Public classVerticalLineAnnotationRepresents a vertical line annotation.
Public classZTestResultStores the results of a Z Test statistical formula.

Public interfaceIChartMapAreaCommon interface for all chart elements that support image maps.
Public interfaceIChartStorageHandlerDefines methods to manage rendered chart images stored in an external medium.
Public interfaceIDataPointFilterExposes the FilterDataPoint method, which allows Series data to be custom filtered.

Public enumerationAntiAliasingStylesSpecifies the anti-aliasing options for the chart.
Public enumerationAreaAlignmentOrientationsSpecifies the alignment orientation of a chart area.
Public enumerationAreaAlignmentStylesSpecifies the alignment styles of chart areas.
Public enumerationArrowStyleSpecifies styles for an arrow annotation.
Public enumerationAxisArrowStyleSpecifies the axis arrow styles.
Public enumerationAxisEnabledSpecifies the state of an axis.
Public enumerationAxisNameSpecifies the name of an axis.
Public enumerationAxisTypeSpecifies the axis type for the X and Y-axes of a Series.
Public enumerationBorderSkinStyleSpecifies a style for the border skin of a chart.
Public enumerationBreakLineStyleSpecifies line styles for axis scale breaks.
Public enumerationCalloutStyleRepresents the available callout styles. Applicable only to callout annotations.
Public enumerationChartColorPaletteSpecifies a palette when setting a Palette property.
Public enumerationChartDashStyleSpecifies a line style.
Public enumerationChartElementTypeSpecifies a chart element type.
Public enumerationChartHatchStyleSpecifies a hatching style for a chart element.
Public enumerationChartHttpHandlerStorageTypeSpecifies a storage type for chart images.
Public enumerationChartImageAlignmentStyleSpecifies the image alignment for a chart background image.
Public enumerationChartImageFormatSpecifies the image type for the chart.
Public enumerationChartImageTypeSpecifies the image type for the chart.
Public enumerationChartImageWrapModeSpecifies the drawing mode for a background image.
Public enumerationChartValueTypeSpecifies value types for various chart properties.
Public enumerationCompareMethodSpecifies the type of comparison to be used when filtering data. This enumeration is used by the Filter method definitions in the DataManipulator class that take the CompareMethod argument.
Public enumerationDateRangeTypeSpecifies a date/time interval that determines the ranges that will be filtered when you invoke one of the Filter method definitionsfound in the DataManipulator class.
Public enumerationDateTimeIntervalTypeSpecifies an interval type.
Public enumerationDockingSpecifies where a chart element, such as a legend or title, will be docked on the chart.
Public enumerationFinancialFormulaSpecifies a financial formula.
Public enumerationGradientStyleSpecifies a gradient style to be used for a chart element.
Public enumerationGridTickTypesSpecifies the options for displaying a grid line or a tick mark for a custom label.
Public enumerationImageStorageModeSpecifies the mode of storing chart images.
Public enumerationIntervalAutoModeSpecifies the automatic axis interval mode.
Public enumerationIntervalTypeSpecifies an interval type.
Public enumerationLabelAlignmentStylesSpecifies a label alignment when SmartLabelStyle is used.
Public enumerationLabelAutoFitStylesSpecifies style changes that can automatically be made to a label when the LabelAutoFitStyle property is used.
Public enumerationLabelCalloutStyleSpecifies the type of leader line that should be drawn from the point to the label.
Public enumerationLabelMarkStyleSpecifies a mark for custom labels.
Public enumerationLabelOutsidePlotAreaStyleSpecifies the degree to which a label can be drawn outside a plotting area.
Public enumerationLegendCellColumnTypeSpecifies a legend cell column type.
Public enumerationLegendCellTypeSpecifies a legend cell type.
Public enumerationLegendImageStyleSpecifies the style to apply to the symbol for a legend item.
Public enumerationLegendItemOrderSpecifies the order in which items are added to the legend.
Public enumerationLegendSeparatorStyleSpecifies the styles for legend separator lines.
Public enumerationLegendStyleSpecifies the legend style.
Public enumerationLegendTableStyleSpecifies the legend table style.
Public enumerationLightStyleSpecifies a lighting style for a three-dimensional (3D) chart area.
Public enumerationLineAnchorCapStyleSpecifies the shape—that is, the anchor cap—to draw on the point end of the label callout line.
Public enumerationMapAreaShapeSpecifies the shape of a map area.
Public enumerationMarkerStyleSpecifies a style for markers.
Public enumerationPointSortOrderIndicates whether the sort order for data point values is ascending or descending.
Public enumerationRenderTypeSpecifies how the image of the chart will be rendered.
Public enumerationRightToLeftSpecifies a value indicating whether the text appears from right to left, such as when using Hebrew or Arabic fonts.
Public enumerationSerializationContentsSpecifies the type of chart content to be serialized.
Public enumerationSerializationFormatRepresents the formatting type to use when the chart is serialized.
Public enumerationSeriesChartTypeSpecifies a chart type for a Series.
Public enumerationStartFromZeroIndicates whether an axis segment should start from zero when a scale break is used.
Public enumerationTextAntiAliasingQualitySpecifies the quality of the anti-aliasing to be used with the TextAntiAliasingQuality property.
Public enumerationTextOrientationSpecifies text orientation in a chart element.
Public enumerationTextStyleSpecifies text drawing styles.
Public enumerationTickMarkStyleSpecifies a tick mark style when setting the TickMarkStyle property of a TickMark object.