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ControlCollection.IndexOf Method

Retrieves the index of a specified Control object in the collection.

[Visual Basic]
Public Overridable Function IndexOf( _
   ByVal value As Control _
) As Integer
public virtual int IndexOf(
 Control value
public: virtual int IndexOf(
 Control* value
public function IndexOf(
   value : Control
) : int;


The Control object for which the index is returned.

Return Value

The index of the specified server control. If the server control is not currently a member of the collection, it returns -1.


Use this method to determine the index location of the specified server control in the ControlCollection object.


[Visual Basic] The following example uses the IndexOf method to write the index location of a control, myLiteralControl, in the ControlCollection of a Button control, named myButton.

[Visual Basic] 
' Create a LiteralControl and use the Add method to add it
' to a button's ControlCollection, then use the AddAt method
' to add another LiteralControl to the collection at the
' index location of 1.
Dim myLiteralControl As LiteralControl =  _
    new LiteralControl("ChildControl1")
myButton.Controls.AddAt(1,new LiteralControl("ChildControl2"))
Response.Write("<b>ChildControl2 is added at index 1</b>")

' Get the Index location of the myLiteralControl LiteralControl
' and write it to the page.
Response.Write("<br><b>Index of the ChildControl myLiteralControl is </b>" & _

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Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 family

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