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Control Members
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Control Members

Control overview

Public Constructors

public constructorControl Constructor Initializes a new instance of the Control class.

Public Properties

public propertyClientID Gets the server control identifier generated by ASP.NET.
public propertyControls Gets a ControlCollection object that represents the child controls for a specified server control in the UI hierarchy.
public propertyEnableViewState Gets or sets a value indicating whether the server control persists its view state, and the view state of any child controls it contains, to the requesting client.
public propertyID Gets or sets the programmatic identifier assigned to the server control.
public propertyNamingContainer Gets a reference to the server control's naming container, which creates a unique namespace for differentiating between server controls with the same Control.ID property value.
public propertyPage Gets a reference to the Page instance that contains the server control.
public propertyParent Gets a reference to the server control's parent control in the page control hierarchy.
public propertySite Gets information about the Web site to which the server control belongs.
public propertyTemplateSourceDirectory Gets the virtual directory of the Page or UserControl that contains the current server control.
public propertyUniqueID Gets the unique, hierarchically-qualified identifier for the server control.
public propertyVisible Gets or sets a value that indicates whether a server control is rendered as UI on the page.

Public Methods

public methodDataBind Binds a data source to the invoked server control and all its child controls.
public methodDispose Enables a server control to perform final clean up before it is released from memory.
public methodEquals (inherited from Object) Overloaded. Determines whether two Object instances are equal.
public methodFindControl Overloaded. Searches the current naming container for the specified server control.
public methodGetHashCode (inherited from Object) Serves as a hash function for a particular type, suitable for use in hashing algorithms and data structures like a hash table.
public methodGetType (inherited from Object) Gets the Type of the current instance.
public methodHasControls Determines if the server control contains any child controls.
public methodRenderControl Outputs server control content to a provided HtmlTextWriter object and stores tracing information about the control if tracing is enabled.
public methodResolveUrl Converts a URL into one that is usable on the requesting client.
public methodToString (inherited from Object) Returns a String that represents the current Object.

Public Events

public eventDataBinding Occurs when the server control binds to a data source.
public eventDisposed Occurs when a server control is released from memory, which is the last stage of the server control lifecycle when an ASP.NET page is requested.
public eventInit Occurs when the server control is initialized, which is the first step in the its lifecycle.
public eventLoad Occurs when the server control is loaded into the Page object.
public eventPreRender Occurs when the server control is about to render to its containing Page object.
public eventUnload Occurs when the server control is unloaded from memory.

Protected Properties

protected propertyChildControlsCreated Gets a value that indicates whether the server control's child controls have been created.
protected propertyContext Gets the HttpContext object associated with the server control for the current Web request.
protected propertyEvents Gets a list of event handler delegates for the control. This property is read-only.
protected propertyHasChildViewState Gets a value indicating whether the current server control's child controls have any saved view-state settings.
protected propertyIsTrackingViewState Gets a value that indicates whether the server control is saving changes to its view state.
protected propertyViewState Gets a dictionary of state information that allows you to save and restore the view state of a server control across multiple requests for the same page.
protected propertyViewStateIgnoresCase Gets a value that indicates whether the StateBag object is case-insensitive.

Protected Methods

protected methodAddedControl Called after a control is added to the Controls collection of another control.
protected methodAddParsedSubObject Notifies the server control that an element, either XML or HTML, was parsed, and adds the element to the server control's ControlCollection object.
protected methodClearChildViewState Deletes the view-state information for all the server control's child controls.
protected methodCreateChildControls Notifies server controls that use composition-based implementation to create any child controls they contain in preparation for posting back or rendering.
protected methodCreateControlCollection Creates a new ControlCollection object to hold the child controls (both literal and server) of the server control.
protected methodEnsureChildControls Determines whether the server control contains child controls. If it does not, it creates child controls.
protected methodFinalize (inherited from Object) Overridden. Allows an Object to attempt to free resources and perform other cleanup operations before the Object is reclaimed by garbage collection.

In C# and C++, finalizers are expressed using destructor syntax.

protected methodIsLiteralContent Determines if the server control holds only literal content.
protected methodLoadViewState Restores view-state information from a previous page request that was saved by the SaveViewState method.
protected methodMapPathSecure Retrieves the physical path that a virtual path, either absolute or relative, maps to.
protected methodMemberwiseClone (inherited from Object) Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.
protected methodOnBubbleEvent Determines whether the event for the server control is passed up the page's UI server control hierarchy.
protected methodOnDataBinding Raises the DataBinding event.
protected methodOnInit Raises the Init event.
protected methodOnLoad Raises the Load event.
protected methodOnPreRender Raises the PreRender event.
protected methodOnUnload Raises the Unload event.
Note   Server controls should perform any final cleanup, such as closing files, closing database connections, and discarding objects, during this stage of the server control lifecycle.
protected methodRaiseBubbleEvent Assigns any sources of the event and its information to the control's parent.
protected methodRemovedControl Called after a control is removed from the Controls collection of another control.
protected methodRender Sends server control content to a provided HtmlTextWriter object, which writes the content to be rendered on the client.
protected methodRenderChildren Outputs the content of a server control's children to a provided HtmlTextWriter object, which writes the content to be rendered on the client.
protected methodSaveViewState Saves any server control view-state changes that have occurred since the time the page was posted back to the server.
protected methodTrackViewState Causes tracking of view-state changes to the server control so they can be stored in the server control's StateBag object. This object is accessible through the Control.ViewState property.

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