AjaxFrameworkMode Enumeration

.NET Framework (current version)

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Specifies how client scripts of the Microsoft Ajax client library are included on the client.

Namespace:   System.Web.UI
Assembly:  System.Web.Extensions (in System.Web.Extensions.dll)

public enum AjaxFrameworkMode

Member nameDescription

Specifies that all Microsoft Ajax script features are disabled and that the ScriptManager control does not reference any scripts automatically.


Specifies that the ScriptManager control automatically includes the MicrosoftAjax.js script file, which is a combined script file of every core framework script (legacy behavior).


Specifies that you will explicitly include script references to individual framework core script file that your page requires, and that you will include references to the dependencies that each script file requires.

.NET Framework
Available since 4.0

System.Web.UI Namespace
Reducing the Download Size of the Microsoft AJAX Library

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