System.Web.UI Namespace

The System.Web.UI namespace provides classes and interfaces that enable you to create ASP.NET server controls and ASP.NET Web pages for the user interface of your ASP.NET Web applications.

This namespace includes the Control class, which provides a common set of functionality for all server controls, which includes HTML server controls, Web server controls, and user controls. It also includes the Page class. This class is generated automatically whenever a request is made for an .aspx file in an ASP.NET Web application. You can inherit from both of these classes.

The namespace also includes classes that provide the server controls with data-binding functionality, the ability to save the view state of a given control or page, and parsing functionality.

Public classAttributeCollection 
Public classBaseParser 
Public classBasePartialCachingControlProvides the base functionality for the StaticPartialCachingControl and PartialCachingControl classes.
Public classBaseTemplateParserImplements ASP.NET template parsing for template files.
Public classBindableTemplateBuilder 
Public classBoundPropertyEntryRepresents a control property that is data-bound to an expression.
Public classBuilderPropertyEntryServes as the base class for all property entries that require a control builder.
Public classChtmlTextWriter 
Public classClientScriptManager 
Public classCompiledBindableTemplateBuilderProvides the default implementation of an IBindableTemplate object, which ASP.NET uses whenever it parses two-way data-binding within the templated content of an ASP.NET control such as FormView. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classCompiledTemplateBuilder 
Public classComplexPropertyEntryServes as the property entry for read/write and read-only properties such as templates.
Public classConstructorNeedsTagAttribute 
Public classControlDefines the properties, methods, and events that are shared by all ASP.NET server controls.
Public classControlBuilderSupports the page parser in building a control and the child controls it contains.
Public classControlBuilderAttributeSpecifies a ControlBuilder class for building a custom control within the ASP.NET parser. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classControlCachePolicy 
Public classControlCollectionProvides a collection container that enables ASP.NET server controls to maintain a list of their child controls.
Public classControlSkinRepresents a control skin, which is a means to define stylistic properties that are applied to an ASP.NET Web server control.
Public classControlValuePropertyAttributeSpecifies the default property of a control that a ControlParameter object binds to at run time. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classCssStyleCollectionContains the HTML cascading-style sheets (CSS) inline style attributes for a specified HTML server control. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classDataBinderProvides support for rapid application development (RAD) designers to generate and parse data-binding expression syntax. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classDataBindingContains information about a single data-binding expression in an ASP.NET server control, which allows rapid-application development (RAD) designers, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, to create data-binding expressions at design time. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classDataBindingCollectionProvides a collection of DataBinding objects for an ASP.NET server control. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classDataBindingHandlerAttributeSpecifies a design-time class that performs data binding of controls within a designer. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classDataBoundLiteralControl 
Public classDataSourceCacheDurationConverter 
Public classDataSourceControlServes as the base class for controls that represent data sources to data-bound controls.
Public classDataSourceControlBuilder 
Public classDataSourceSelectArgumentsProvides a mechanism that data-bound controls use to request data-related operations from data source controls when data is retrieved. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classDataSourceViewServes as the base class for all data source view classes, which define the capabilities of data source controls.
Public classDesignerDataBoundLiteralControl 
Public classDesignTimeParseDataProvides information to the parser during design time.
Public classDesignTimeTemplateParser 
Public classEmptyControlCollection 
Public classEventEntryActs as the property entry for event handlers.
Public classExpressionBinding 
Public classExpressionBindingCollection 
Public classFileLevelControlBuilderAttribute 
Public classFileLevelPageControlBuilderParses page files and is the default ControlBuilder class for parsing page files.
Public classFileLevelUserControlBuilder 
Public classFilterableAttributeSpecifies whether the property to which the attribute is applied supports device filtering. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classHiddenFieldPageStatePersisterStores ASP.NET page view state on the Web client in a hidden HTML element.
Public classHierarchicalDataSourceControlProvides a base class for data source controls that represent hierarchical data.
Public classHierarchicalDataSourceView 
Public classHtml32TextWriter 
Public classHtmlTextWriter 
Public classIDReferencePropertyAttributeDefines an attribute applied to properties that contain ID references. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classImageClickEventArgsProvides data for any events that occur when a user clicks an image-based ASP.NET server control, such as the HtmlInputImage or ImageButton server controls. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classIndexedStringProvides a utility string class that is used by the ObjectStateFormatter class to optimize object graph serialization. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classListSourceHelperUsed by data source controls when implementing the members defined by the IListSource interface. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classLiteralControl 
Public classLosFormatterSerializes the view state for a Web Forms page. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classMasterPage 
Public classMasterPageControlBuilderActs as a merging class and container for content pages that are composed only of Content controls and their respective child controls.
Public classNonVisualControlAttributeDefines the attribute that indicates whether a control is treated as a visual or non-visual control during design time. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classObjectConverterConverts an object from one object type to another object type. This class is obsolete. Use the Convert class and the Format method instead.
Public classObjectPersistDataDuring the build process, retains information about property entries.
Public classObjectStateFormatterSerializes and deserializes object graphs that represent the state of an object. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classObjectTagBuilder 
Public classOutputCacheParameters 
Public classPage 
Public classPageAsyncTask 
Public classPageHandlerFactory 
Public classPageParser 
Public classPageParserFilter 
Public classPageStatePersister 
Public classPageThemeRepresents the base class for a page theme, which is a collection of resources that are used to define a consistent look across pages and controls in a Web site. The page theme can be set through configuration or the page directive.
Public classPairProvides a basic utility class that is used to store two related objects.
Public classParseChildrenAttributeDefines a metadata attribute that you can use when developing ASP.NET server controls. Use the ParseChildrenAttribute class to indicate how the page parser should treat content nested inside a server control tag declared on a page. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classPartialCachingAttribute 
Public classPartialCachingControl 
Public classPersistChildrenAttribute 
Public classPersistenceModeAttributeDefines the metadata attribute that specifies how an ASP.NET server control property or event is persisted to an ASP.NET page at design time. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classPostBackOptions 
Public classPropertyConverter 
Public classPropertyEntry 
Public classRootBuilder 
Public classSessionPageStatePersisterStores ASP.NET page view state on the Web server.
Public classSimplePropertyEntry 
Public classSimpleWebHandlerParserProvides base functionality for parsing Web handler files.
Public classSkinBuilderProvides a ControlBuilder object used at design time to apply control skins to controls.
Public classStateBagManages the view state of ASP.NET server controls, including pages. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classStateItemRepresents an item that is saved in the StateBag class when view state information is persisted between Web requests. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classStateManagedCollection 
Public classStaticPartialCachingControl 
Public classSupportsEventValidationAttributeDefines the metadata attribute that Web server controls use to indicate support for event validation. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classTagPrefixAttribute 
Public classTemplateBuilderSupports the page parser in building a template and the child controls it contains.
Public classTemplateContainerAttribute 
Public classTemplateControl 
Public classTemplateControlParserImplements ASP.NET template parsing for template controls.
Public classTemplateInstanceAttributeDefines a metadata attribute that is used to specify the number of allowed instances of a template. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classTemplateParserServes as the abstract base class for ASP.NET file parsers.
Public classTemplatePropertyEntry 
Public classThemeableAttributeDefines the metadata attribute that Web server controls and their members use to indicate whether their rendering can be affected by themes and control skins. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classThemeProvider 
Public classToolboxDataAttribute 
Public classTripletProvides a basic utility class that is used to store three related objects.
Public classUrlPropertyAttributeDefines the attribute that controls use to identify string properties containing URL values. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classUserControl 
Public classUserControlControlBuilderSupports the ASP.NET page parser in building an instance of a user control.
Public classValidationPropertyAttribute 
Public classValidatorCollectionExposes an array of IValidator references. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classVerificationAttributeDefines the metadata attribute of a Web content accessibility rule. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classViewStateException 
Public classViewStateModeByIdAttributeDefines the metadata attribute that ASP.NET server controls use to specify whether they participate in loading view-state information by ID. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classWebResourceAttributeDefines the metadata attribute that enables an embedded resource in an assembly. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classWebServiceParser 
Public classXhtmlTextWriterWrites Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML)-specific characters, including all variations of XHTML modules that derive from XTHML, to the output stream for an ASP.NET server control for mobile devices. Override the XhtmlTextWriter class to provide custom XHTML rendering for ASP.NET pages and server controls.
Public classXPathBinder 

Public interfaceIAttributeAccessor 
Public interfaceIBindableTemplate 
Public interfaceICallbackEventHandlerUsed to indicate that a control can be the target of a callback event on the server.
Public interfaceICheckBoxControlDefines the property and event a control implements to act as a check box.
Public interfaceIControlBuilderAccessorAllows the control serializer to get to the builder for a control.
Public interfaceIControlDesignerAccessor 
Public interfaceIDataBindingsAccessorAllows access to the collection of data-binding expressions on a control at design time.
Public interfaceIDataItemContainerEnables data-bound control containers to identify a data item object for simplified data-binding operations.
Public interfaceIDataSourceRepresents an abstract data source that data-bound controls bind to.
Public interfaceIDataSourceViewSchemaAccessorAllows a type converter to access schema information stored on an object.
Public interfaceIEditableTextControl 
Public interfaceIExpressionsAccessorDefines the properties a class must implement to support collections of expressions.
Public interfaceIFilterResolutionServiceProvides an interface that designer developers can use to evaluate device filters by name.
Public interfaceIHierarchicalDataSourceRepresents a hierarchical data source that hierarchical data-bound controls such as TreeView can bind to.
Public interfaceIHierarchicalEnumerable 
Public interfaceIHierarchyDataExposes a node of a hierarchical data structure, including the node object and some properties that describe characteristics of the node. Objects that implement the IHierarchyData interface can be contained in IHierarchicalEnumerable collections, and are used by ASP.NET site navigation and data source controls.
Public interfaceINamingContainer 
Public interfaceINavigateUIData 
Public interfaceIParserAccessorDefines the method that ASP.NET server controls must implement to recognize when elements, either HTML or XML, are parsed.
Public interfaceIPostBackDataHandlerDefines methods that ASP.NET server controls must implement to automatically load postback data.
Public interfaceIPostBackEventHandler 
Public interfaceIResourceUrlGeneratorDefines the method that a designer-host must implement to provide URL reference look-up for embedded resources.
Public interfaceIStateFormatterDefines methods that a type implements to serialize and deserialize an object graph.
Public interfaceIStateManager 
Public interfaceIStyleSheet 
Public interfaceITemplateDefines the behavior for populating a templated ASP.NET server control with child controls. The child controls represent the inline templates defined on the page.
Public interfaceITextControlDefines the interface a control implements to get or set its text content.
Public interfaceIThemeResolutionService 
Public interfaceIUrlResolutionServiceDefines a service implemented by objects to resolve relative URLs based on contextual information.
Public interfaceIUserControlDesignerAccessorDefines the properties that allow the designer to access information about a user control at design time.
Public interfaceIUserControlTypeResolutionServiceDefines the method a class must implement to return a control's type for a specified tag prefix and tag name.
Public interfaceIValidatorDefines the properties and methods that objects that participate in Web Forms validation must implement.

Public delegateBuildMethod 
Public delegateBuildTemplateMethod 
Public delegateControlSkinDelegate 
Public delegateDataSourceViewOperationCallbackRepresents the asynchronous callback method that a data-bound control supplies to a data source view for asynchronous insert, update, or delete data operations.
Public delegateDataSourceViewSelectCallback 
Public delegateExtractTemplateValuesMethodProvides a delegate with which ASP.NET extracts a set of name/value pairs from an IBindableTemplate object at run time. This class cannot be inherited.
Public delegateImageClickEventHandler 
Public delegateRenderMethod 

Public enumerationCompilationModeDefines constants that specify how ASP.NET should compile .aspx pages and .ascx controls.
Public enumerationConflictOptions 
Public enumerationDataSourceCacheExpiry 
Public enumerationDataSourceCapabilitiesProvides a way to request processing beyond record retrieval for a data retrieval operation of a data source control.
Public enumerationDataSourceOperation 
Public enumerationHtmlTextWriterAttributeSpecifies the HTML attributes that an HtmlTextWriter or Html32TextWriter object writes to the opening tag of an HTML element when a Web request is processed.
Public enumerationHtmlTextWriterStyle 
Public enumerationHtmlTextWriterTag 
Public enumerationOutputCacheLocation 
Public enumerationPersistenceMode 
Public enumerationTemplateInstance 
Public enumerationVerificationConditionalOperator 
Public enumerationVerificationReportLevelSpecifies reporting levels for an accessibility rule defined by an VerificationAttribute instance.
Public enumerationVerificationRuleSpecifies how conditional expressions defined by an VerificationAttribute instance are used in verification.
Public enumerationViewStateEncryptionModeSpecifies whether view-state information is encrypted.
Public enumerationVirtualReferenceType 
Public enumerationXhtmlMobileDocType