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SiteMap Members

The SiteMap class is an in-memory representation of the navigation structure for a site, which is provided by one or more site map providers. This class cannot be inherited.

The following tables list the members exposed by the SiteMap type.

  Name Description
Public property Static CurrentNode Gets a SiteMapNode control that represents the currently requested page.
Public property Static Enabled Gets a Boolean value indicating if a site map provider is specified in the Web.config file and if the site map provider is enabled.
Public property Static Provider Gets the default SiteMapProvider object for the current site map.
Public property Static Providers Gets a read-only collection of named SiteMapProvider objects that are available to the SiteMap class.
Public property Static RootNode Gets a SiteMapNode object that represents the top-level page of the navigation structure for the site.

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  Name Description
Public event Static SiteMapResolve Occurs when the CurrentNode property is accessed.

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