System.Web.SessionState Namespace

The System.Web.SessionState namespace supplies classes and interfaces that enable storage of data specific to a single client within a Web application on the server. The session-state data is used to give the client the appearance of a persistent connection with the application. State information can be stored within local process memory or, for Web farm configurations, it can be stored out of process using either the ASP.NET State service or a Microsoft SQL Server database.

Session state can be used with clients that do not support cookies. ASP.NET can be configured to encode a session ID in the URL string that is transmitted between the client and the server.

Public classHttpSessionStateProvides access to session-state values as well as session-level settings and lifetime management methods.
Public classHttpSessionStateContainerContains session-state values as well as session-level settings for the current request.
Public classSessionIDManager 
Public classSessionStateItemCollectionA collection of objects stored in session state. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classSessionStateModule 
Public classSessionStateStoreData 
Public classSessionStateStoreProviderBase 
Public classSessionStateUtility 
Public classStateRuntime 

Public interfaceIHttpSessionState 
Public interfaceIReadOnlySessionState 
Public interfaceIRequiresSessionState 
Public interfaceISessionIDManagerDefines the contract that a custom session-state identifier manager must implement.
Public interfaceISessionStateItemCollection 
Public interfaceIStateRuntimeDefines the interface used by the ASP.NET state service to manage session data.

Public enumerationSessionStateActions 
Public enumerationSessionStateModeSpecifies the session-state mode.