This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

SoapServerMessage Properties

The SoapServerMessage type exposes the following members.

Public property Action Gets the SOAPAction HTTP request header field for the SOAP request or SOAP response. (Overrides SoapMessage.Action.)
Public property ContentEncoding Gets or sets the contents of the Content-Encoding HTTP header. (Inherited from SoapMessage.)
Public property ContentType Gets or sets the HTTP Content-Type of the SOAP request or SOAP response. (Inherited from SoapMessage.)
Public property Exception Gets the SoapException from the call to the XML Web service method. (Inherited from SoapMessage.)
Public property Headers A collection of the SOAP headers applied to the current SOAP request or SOAP response. (Inherited from SoapMessage.)
Public property MethodInfo Gets a representation of the method prototype for the XML Web service method for which the SOAP request is intended. (Overrides SoapMessage.MethodInfo.)
Public property OneWay Gets a value indicating whether the client waits for the server to finish processing an XML Web service method. (Overrides SoapMessage.OneWay.)
Public property Server Gets the instance of the class handling the method invocation on the Web server.
Public property SoapVersion Gets the version of the SOAP protocol used to communicate with the XML Web service. (Overrides SoapMessage.SoapVersion.)
Public property Stage Gets the SoapMessageStage of the SoapMessage. (Inherited from SoapMessage.)
Public property Stream Gets the data representing the SOAP request or SOAP response in the form of a Stream. (Inherited from SoapMessage.)
Public property Url Gets the base URL of the XML Web service. (Overrides SoapMessage.Url.)