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SoapException Fields

The SoapException type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public field Static member ClientFaultCode Specifies a SOAP fault code that represents a client call that is not formatted correctly or does not contain the appropriate information.
Public field Static member DetailElementName Gets an XmlQualifiedName that represents the Detail element of a SOAP Fault code.
Public field Static member MustUnderstandFaultCode A SOAP Fault Code that represents a SOAP element marked with the MustUnderstand attribute was not processed.
Public field Static member ServerFaultCode Specifies that a SOAP fault code that represents an error occurred during the processing of a client call on the server, where the problem is not due to the message contents.
Public field Static member VersionMismatchFaultCode A SOAP fault code that represents an invalid namespace for a SOAP envelope was found during the processing of the SOAP message.
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