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LowerCodeCharts Enumeration

LowerCodeCharts Enumeration

.NET Framework 4.6 and 4.5

Specifies values for the lower region of the UTF-8 Unicode code charts, from U0000 to U0FFF.

This enumeration has a FlagsAttribute attribute that allows a bitwise combination of its member values.

Namespace:  System.Web.Security.AntiXss
Assembly:  System.Web (in System.Web.dll)

public enum LowerCodeCharts

Member nameDescription
ArabicThe Arabic code chart.
ArabicSupplementThe Arabic Supplement code chart.
ArmenianThe Armenian code chart.
BasicLatinThe Basic Latin code chart.
BengaliThe Bengali code chart.
C1ControlsAndLatin1SupplementThe C1 Controls and Latin-1 Supplement code chart.
CombiningDiacriticalMarksThe Combining Diacritical Marks code chart.
CyrillicThe Cyrillic code chart.
CyrillicSupplementThe Cyrillic Supplement code chart.
DefaultThe code charts that are marked as safe on initialization.

The Default enumeration member is a bitwise combination of the following LowerCodeCharts enumeration members:

  • BasicLatin

  • C1ControlsAndLatin1Supplement

  • LatinExtendedA

  • LatinExtendedB

  • IpaExtensions

  • SpacingModifierLetters

  • CombiningDiacriticalMarks

DevanagariThe Devanagari code chart.
GreekAndCopticThe Greek and Coptic code chart.
GujaratiThe Gujarati code chart.
GurmukhiThe Gurmukhi code chart.
HebrewThe Hebrew code chart.
IpaExtensionsThe IPA Extensions code chart.
KannadaThe Kannada code chart.
LaoThe Lao code chart.
LatinExtendedAThe Latin Extended-A code chart.
LatinExtendedBThe Latin Extended-B code chart.
MalayalamThe Malayalam code chart.
NkoThe N'ko code chart.
NoneNone of the UTF-8 Unicode code charts from the lower region are marked as safe.
OriyaThe Oriya code chart.
SamaritanThe Samaritan code chart.
SinhalaThe Sinhala code chart.
SpacingModifierLettersThe Spacing Modifier Letters code chart.
SyriacThe Syriac code chart.
TamilThe Tamil code chart.
TeluguThe Telugu code chart.
ThaanaThe Thaana code chart.
ThaiThe Thai code chart.
TibetanThe Tibetan code table.

.NET Framework

Supported in: 4.6, 4.5
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