This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Web.Routing Namespace

The System.Web.Routing namespace provides classes that are used with URL routing, which enables you to use URLs that do not map to a physical file.

Public classHttpMethodConstraintEnables you to define which HTTP verbs are allowed when ASP.NET routing determines whether a URL matches a route.
Public classRequestContextEncapsulates information about an HTTP request that matches a defined route.
Public classRouteProvides properties and methods for defining a route and for obtaining information about the route.
Public classRouteBaseServes as the base class for all classes that represent an ASP.NET route.
Public classRouteCollectionProvides a collection of routes for ASP.NET routing.
Public classRouteDataEncapsulates information about a route.
Public classRouteTableStores the URL routes for an application.
Public classRouteValueDictionaryRepresents a case-insensitive collection of key/value pairs that you use in various places in the routing framework, such as when you define the default values for a route or when you generate a URL that is based on a route.
Public classStopRoutingHandlerProvides a way to specify that ASP.NET routing should not handle requests for a URL pattern.
Public classUrlRoutingHandlerServes as base class for classes that enable you to customize how ASP.NET routing processes a request.
Public classUrlRoutingModuleMatches a URL request to a defined route.
Public classVirtualPathDataRepresents information about the route and virtual path that are the result of generating a URL with the ASP.NET routing framework.

Public interfaceIRouteConstraintDefines the contract that a class must implement in order to check whether a URL parameter value is valid for a constraint.
Public interfaceIRouteHandlerDefines the contract that a class must implement in order to process a request for a matching route pattern.

Public enumerationRouteDirectionIndicates whether ASP.NET routing is processing a URL from a client or generating a URL.