StyleBundle Class

Represents a bundle that does CSS minification.


Namespace:  System.Web.Optimization
Assembly:  System.Web.Optimization (in System.Web.Optimization.dll)

Public Class StyleBundle _
	Inherits Bundle
Dim instance As StyleBundle

The StyleBundle type exposes the following members.

Public methodStyleBundle(String)Initializes a new instance of the StyleBundle class with a virtual path for the bundle.
Public methodStyleBundle(String, String)Initializes a new instance of the StyleBundle class with virtual path and CDN path for the bundle.

Public propertyBuilderGets the object used to build the bundle content from the individual files included in the Bundle object. (Inherited from Bundle.)
Public propertyCdnFallbackExpressionGets the script expression rendered by the Scripts helper class to reference the local bundle file if the CDN is unavailable. (Inherited from Bundle.)
Public propertyCdnPathGets or sets an alternate URL for the bundle when it is stored in a content delivery network. (Inherited from Bundle.)
Public propertyConcatenationTokenGets the token inserted between bundled files to ensure that the final bundle content is valid. (Inherited from Bundle.)
Public propertyEnableFileExtensionReplacementsGets a value that specifies whether to use the FileExtensionReplacementList. (Inherited from Bundle.)
Public propertyOrdererGets a value that determines the order of files in a bundle. (Inherited from Bundle.)
Public propertyPathGets the virtual path used to reference the Bundle from within a view or Web page. (Inherited from Bundle.)
Public propertyTransformsGets the transforms which process the contents of a bundle. (Inherited from Bundle.)

Public methodApplyTransformsApplies the transforms to the bundle. (Inherited from Bundle.)
Public methodCacheLookupOverrides this to implement own caching logic. (Inherited from Bundle.)
Public methodEnumerateFilesGenerates an enumeration of VirtualFile objects that represent the contents of the bundle. (Inherited from Bundle.)
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Public methodGenerateBundleResponseProcesses the bundle request to generate the response. (Inherited from Bundle.)
Public methodGetCacheKeyGets the cache key for the specified bundle context. (Inherited from Bundle.)
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Public methodInclude(String())Specifies a set of files to be included in the Bundle. (Inherited from Bundle.)
Public methodInclude(String, IItemTransform())Specifies a set of files to be included in the Bundle. (Inherited from Bundle.)
Public methodIncludeDirectory(String, String)Includes all files in a directory that match a search pattern. (Inherited from Bundle.)
Public methodIncludeDirectory(String, String, Boolean)Includes all files in a directory that match a search pattern. (Inherited from Bundle.)
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Public methodUpdateCacheUpdates the cache with the specified bundle response. (Inherited from Bundle.)

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