FileExtensionReplacementList Class

Represents a set of file extensions that will be used to select different files based on the OptimizationMode.


Namespace:  System.Web.Optimization
Assembly:  System.Web.Optimization (in System.Web.Optimization.dll)

type FileExtensionReplacementList =  class end

The FileExtensionReplacementList type exposes the following members.

Public methodFileExtensionReplacementListInitializes a new instance of the FileExtensionReplacementList class.

Public methodAdd(String)Adds a file extension which will be applied regardless of OptimizationMode.
Public methodAdd(String, OptimizationMode)Add a file extension for a specified OptimizationMode.
Public methodClearClears file extension replacements.
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Public methodReplaceFileExtensionsUses the file extension replacements to select the correct version from a set of files.
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