DynamicFolderBundle Properties

The DynamicFolderBundle type exposes the following members.

Public property Builder Gets the object used to build the bundle content from the individual files included in the Bundle object. (Inherited from Bundle.)
Public property CdnFallbackExpression Gets the script expression rendered by the Scripts helper class to reference the local bundle file if the CDN is unavailable. (Inherited from Bundle.)
Public property CdnPath Gets or set the path of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) that contains the folder bundle.
Public property ConcatenationToken Gets the token inserted between bundled files to ensure that the final bundle content is valid. (Inherited from Bundle.)
Public property EnableFileExtensionReplacements Gets a value that specifies whether to use the FileExtensionReplacementList. (Inherited from Bundle.)
Public property Orderer Gets a value that determines the order of files in a bundle. (Inherited from Bundle.)
Public property Path Gets the virtual path used to reference the Bundle from within a view or Web page. (Inherited from Bundle.)
Public property SearchPattern Gets or sets the search pattern for the folder bundle.
Public property SearchSubdirectories Gets or sets whether the search pattern is applied to subdirectories.
Public property Transforms Gets the transforms which process the contents of a bundle. (Inherited from Bundle.)