IModelBinderProvider.GetBinder Method (Type)


Returns the model binder for the specified type.

Namespace:   System.Web.Mvc
Assembly:  System.Web.Mvc (in System.Web.Mvc.dll)

IModelBinder GetBinder(
	Type modelType


Type: System.Type

The type of the model.

Return Value

Type: System.Web.Mvc.IModelBinder

The model binder for the specified type.

Implementations that cannot create the requested type should return null. If the ASP.NET MVC framework cannot find a model binder for a type, the default model binder will be used. Use the DefaultBinder property to set the default model binder. The default model binder for the ASP.NET MVC framework is System.Web.Mvc.DefaultModelBinder. Model binder providers run in order and before static registered providers.

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