System.Web.Mvc.Html Namespace

Visual Studio 2010

The System.Web.Mvc.Html namespace contains classes that help render HTML controls in an MVC application. The namespace includes classes that support forms, input controls, links, partial views, validation, and more.

Public classChildActionExtensionsRepresents support for calling child action methods and rendering the result inline in a parent view.
Public classDisplayExtensionsRepresents support for rendering object values as HTML.
Public classDisplayTextExtensionsProvides a way to render object values as HTML.
Public classEditorExtensionsRepresents support for the HTML input element in an application.
Public classFormExtensionsRepresents support for HTML in an application.
Public classInputExtensionsRepresents support for HTML input controls in an application.
Public classLabelExtensionsRepresents support for the HTML label element in an ASP.NET MVC view.
Public classLinkExtensionsRepresents support for HTML links in an application.
Public classMvcFormRepresents an HTML form element in an MVC view.
Public classPartialExtensionsRepresents the functionality to render a partial view as an HTML-encoded string.
Public classRenderPartialExtensionsProvides support for rendering a partial view.
Public classSelectExtensionsRepresents support for making selections in a list.
Public classTextAreaExtensionsRepresents support for HTML textarea controls.
Public classValidationExtensionsProvides support for validating the input from an HTML form.