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Controller Properties

The Controller type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property ActionInvoker Gets the action invoker for the controller.
Protected property Binders Gets or sets the binder.
Public property ControllerContext Gets or sets the controller context. (Inherited from ControllerBase.)
Public property HttpContext Gets HTTP-specific information about an individual HTTP request.
Public property ModelState Gets the model state dictionary object that contains the state of the model and of model-binding validation.
Public property Request Gets the HttpRequestBase object for the current HTTP request.
Public property Response Gets the HttpResponseBase object for the current HTTP response.
Public property RouteData Gets the route data for the current request.
Public property Server Gets the HttpServerUtilityBase object that provides methods that are used during Web request processing.
Public property Session Gets the HttpSessionStateBase object for the current HTTP request.
Public property TempData Gets or sets the dictionary for temporary data. (Inherited from ControllerBase.)
Public property TempDataProvider Gets the temporary-data provider object that is used to store data for the next request.
Public property Url Gets the URL helper object that is used to generate URLs by using routing.
Public property User Gets the user security information for the current HTTP request.
Public property ValidateRequest Gets or sets a value that indicates whether request validation is enabled for this request. (Inherited from ControllerBase.)
Public property ValueProvider Gets or sets the value provider for the controller. (Inherited from ControllerBase.)
Public property ViewBag Gets the dynamic view data dictionary. (Inherited from ControllerBase.)
Public property ViewData Gets or sets the dictionary for view data. (Inherited from ControllerBase.)
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