TryValidateModel Method

AsyncController.TryValidateModel Method

Validates the specified model instance.

This member is overloaded. For complete information about this member, including syntax, usage, and examples, click a name in the overload list.

  Name Description
Protected method TryValidateModel(Object) Validates the specified model instance. (Inherited from Controller.)
Protected method TryValidateModel(Object, String) Validates the specified model instance using an HTML prefix. (Inherited from Controller.)

When a model is being validated, all validators for all properties are run if at least one form input is bound to a model property.

The TryValidateModel is like the ValidateModel method except that the TryValidateModel method does not throw an InvalidOperationException exception if the model validation fails.

For more information model validation, see the entry Input Validation vs. Model Validation in ASP.NET MVC on Brad Wilson's blog.

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