BufferedWebEventProvider Constructor ()


Initializes a new instance of the BufferedWebEventProvider class.

Namespace:   System.Web.Management
Assembly:  System.Web (in System.Web.dll)

protected BufferedWebEventProvider()

This constructor is used internally by the ASP.NET health-monitoring system. You will never use it to instantiate a TraceWebEventProvider object, but you can call this constructor when implementing your own provider type that inherits from this class.

The following code example shows how to use this constructor in a custom event provider.

public SampleBufferedWebEventProvider()
    // Perform local initializations.

    // Path of local file where to store 
    // event info.
    // Assure that the path works for you and
    // that the right permissions are set.
    logFilePath = "C:/test/log.doc";

    // Instantiate buffer to contain 
    // local data.
    customInfo = new StringBuilder();


.NET Framework
Available since 2.0
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