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HttpRequestWrapper Properties

HttpRequestWrapper Properties

The HttpRequestWrapper type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property AcceptTypes Gets an array of client-supported MIME accept types. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.AcceptTypes.)
Public property AnonymousID Gets the anonymous identifier for the user, if it is available. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.AnonymousID.)
Public property ApplicationPath Gets the virtual path of the root of the ASP.NET application on the server. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.ApplicationPath.)
Public property AppRelativeCurrentExecutionFilePath Gets the virtual path of the application root and makes it relative by using the tilde (~) notation for the application root (as in "~/page.aspx"). (Overrides HttpRequestBase.AppRelativeCurrentExecutionFilePath.)
Public property Browser Gets information about the requesting client's browser capabilities. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.Browser.)
Public property ClientCertificate Gets the current request's client security certificate. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.ClientCertificate.)
Public property ContentEncoding Gets or sets the character set of the data that was provided by the client. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.ContentEncoding.)
Public property ContentLength Gets the length, in bytes, of content that was sent by the client. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.ContentLength.)
Public property ContentType Gets or sets the MIME content type of the request. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.ContentType.)
Public property Cookies Gets the collection of cookies that were sent by the client. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.Cookies.)
Public property CurrentExecutionFilePath Gets the virtual path of the current request. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.CurrentExecutionFilePath.)
Public property CurrentExecutionFilePathExtension Gets the extension of the file name that is specified in the CurrentExecutionFilePath property. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.CurrentExecutionFilePathExtension.)
Public property FilePath Gets the virtual path of the current request. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.FilePath.)
Public property Files Gets the collection of files that were uploaded by the client, in multipart MIME format. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.Files.)
Public property Filter Gets or sets the filter to use when the current input stream is being read. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.Filter.)
Public property Form Gets the collection of form variables that were sent by the client. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.Form.)
Public property Headers Gets the collection of HTTP headers that were sent by the client. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.Headers.)
Public property HttpChannelBinding Gets the ChannelBinding object of the current HttpWorkerRequest instance. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.HttpChannelBinding.)
Public property HttpMethod Gets the HTTP data-transfer method (such as GET, POST, or HEAD) that was used by the client. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.HttpMethod.)
Public property InputStream Gets the contents of the incoming HTTP entity body. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.InputStream.)
Public property IsAuthenticated Gets a value that indicates whether the request has been authenticated. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.IsAuthenticated.)
Public property IsLocal Gets a value that indicates whether the request is from the local computer. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.IsLocal.)
Public property IsSecureConnection Gets a value that indicates whether the HTTP connection uses secure sockets (HTTPS protocol). (Overrides HttpRequestBase.IsSecureConnection.)
Public property Item Gets the specified object from the Cookies, Form, QueryString, or ServerVariables collections. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.Item.)
Public property LogonUserIdentity Gets the WindowsIdentity type for the current user. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.LogonUserIdentity.)
Public property Params Gets a combined collection of QueryString, Form, ServerVariables, and Cookies items. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.Params.)
Public property Path Gets the virtual path of the current request. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.Path.)
Public property PathInfo Gets additional path information for a resource that has a URL extension. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.PathInfo.)
Public property PhysicalApplicationPath Gets the physical file-system path of the current application's root directory. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.PhysicalApplicationPath.)
Public property PhysicalPath Gets the physical file-system path of the requested resource. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.PhysicalPath.)
Public property QueryString Gets the collection of HTTP query-string variables. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.QueryString.)
Public property RawUrl Gets the complete URL of the current request. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.RawUrl.)
Public property ReadEntityBodyMode Gets a value that indicates whether the request entity body has been read, and if so, how it was read. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.ReadEntityBodyMode.)
Public property RequestContext Gets the RequestContext instance of the current request. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.RequestContext.)
Public property RequestType Gets or sets the HTTP data-transfer method (GET or POST) that was used by the client. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.RequestType.)
Public property ServerVariables Gets a collection of Web server variables. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.ServerVariables.)
Public property TimedOutToken Gets a CancellationToken object that is tripped when a request times out. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.TimedOutToken.)
Public property TlsTokenBindingInfo Gets the Tls token binding information. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.TlsTokenBindingInfo.)
Public property TotalBytes Gets the number of bytes in the current input stream. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.TotalBytes.)
Public property Unvalidated Gets an access to HTTP request values without triggering request validation. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.Unvalidated.)
Public property Url Gets information about the URL of the current request. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.Url.)
Public property UrlReferrer Gets information about the URL of the client request that linked to the current URL. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.UrlReferrer.)
Public property UserAgent Gets the complete user-agent string of the client. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.UserAgent.)
Public property UserHostAddress Gets the IP host address of the client. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.UserHostAddress.)
Public property UserHostName Gets the DNS name of the client. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.UserHostName.)
Public property UserLanguages Gets a sorted array of client language preferences. (Overrides HttpRequestBase.UserLanguages.)
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