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HttpCookieCollection.Add Method

Adds the specified cookie to the cookie collection.

Namespace: System.Web
Assembly: System.Web (in system.web.dll)

public void Add (
	HttpCookie cookie
public void Add (
	HttpCookie cookie
public function Add (
	cookie : HttpCookie
Not applicable.



The HttpCookie to add to the collection.

Any number of cookie collections can exist within an application, but only the collection referenced by the intrinsic Cookies object is sent to the client.

The Add method allows duplicate cookies in the cookie collection. Use the Set method to ensure the uniqueness of cookies in the cookie collection.

The following example creates a new cookie collection and a new cookie named "LastVisit", sets the value of the cookie to the current date and time, and adds the cookie to the new collection.

HttpCookieCollection MyCookieCollection = new HttpCookieCollection();
 HttpCookie MyCookie = new HttpCookie("LastVisit");
 MyCookie.Value = DateTime.Now.ToString();

HttpCookieCollection myCookieCollection = new HttpCookieCollection();
HttpCookie myCookie = new HttpCookie("LastVisit");


var myCookieCollection : HttpCookieCollection = new HttpCookieCollection()
var myCookie : HttpCookie = new HttpCookie("LastVisit")
myCookie.Value = DateTime.Now.ToString()

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