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HttpContextWrapper Properties

HttpContextWrapper Properties

The HttpContextWrapper type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property AllErrors Gets an array of errors (if any) that accumulated when an HTTP request was being processed. (Overrides HttpContextBase.AllErrors.)
Public property AllowAsyncDuringSyncStages Gets or sets a value that indicates whether asynchronous operations are allowed during parts of ASP.NET request processing when they are not expected. (Overrides HttpContextBase.AllowAsyncDuringSyncStages.)
Public property Application Gets the HttpApplicationState object for the current HTTP request. (Overrides HttpContextBase.Application.)
Public property ApplicationInstance Gets or sets the HttpApplication object for the current HTTP request. (Overrides HttpContextBase.ApplicationInstance.)
Public property AsyncPreloadMode Gets or sets an object that contains flags that pertain to asynchronous preload mode. (Overrides HttpContextBase.AsyncPreloadMode.)
Public property Cache Gets the Cache object for the current application domain. (Overrides HttpContextBase.Cache.)
Public property CurrentHandler Gets the IHttpHandler object that represents the handler that is currently executing. (Overrides HttpContextBase.CurrentHandler.)
Public property CurrentNotification Gets a RequestNotification value that indicates the current HttpApplication event that is processing. (Overrides HttpContextBase.CurrentNotification.)
Public property Error Gets the first error (if any) that accumulated when an HTTP request was being processed. (Overrides HttpContextBase.Error.)
Public property Handler Gets or sets the IHttpHandler object that is responsible for processing the HTTP request. (Overrides HttpContextBase.Handler.)
Public property IsCustomErrorEnabled Gets a value that indicates whether custom errors are enabled for the current HTTP request. (Overrides HttpContextBase.IsCustomErrorEnabled.)
Public property IsDebuggingEnabled Gets a value that indicates whether the current HTTP request is in debug mode. (Overrides HttpContextBase.IsDebuggingEnabled.)
Public property IsPostNotification Gets a value that indicates whether an HttpApplication event has finished processing. (Overrides HttpContextBase.IsPostNotification.)
Public property IsWebSocketRequest Gets a value that indicates whether the request is an AspNetWebSocket request. (Overrides HttpContextBase.IsWebSocketRequest.)
Public property IsWebSocketRequestUpgrading Gets a value that indicates whether the connection is upgrading from an HTTP connection to an AspNetWebSocket connection. (Overrides HttpContextBase.IsWebSocketRequestUpgrading.)
Public property Items Gets a key/value collection that can be used to organize and share data between a module and a handler during an HTTP request. (Overrides HttpContextBase.Items.)
Public property PageInstrumentation Gets a reference to the page-instrumentation service instance for this request. (Overrides HttpContextBase.PageInstrumentation.)
Public property PreviousHandler Gets the IHttpHandler object for the parent handler. (Overrides HttpContextBase.PreviousHandler.)
Public property Profile Gets the ProfileBase object for the current user profile. (Overrides HttpContextBase.Profile.)
Public property Request Gets the HttpRequestBase object for the current HTTP request. (Overrides HttpContextBase.Request.)
Public property Response Gets the HttpResponseBase object for the current HTTP response. (Overrides HttpContextBase.Response.)
Public property Server Gets the HttpServerUtilityBase object that provides methods that are used when Web requests are being processed. (Overrides HttpContextBase.Server.)
Public property Session Gets the HttpSessionStateBase object for the current HTTP request. (Overrides HttpContextBase.Session.)
Public property SkipAuthorization Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the UrlAuthorizationModule object should skip the authorization check for the current request. (Overrides HttpContextBase.SkipAuthorization.)
Public property ThreadAbortOnTimeout Gets or sets a value that specifies whether the ASP.NET runtime should call Thread.Abort on the thread that is servicing this request when the request times out. (Overrides HttpContextBase.ThreadAbortOnTimeout.)
Public property Timestamp Gets the initial timestamp of the current HTTP request. (Overrides HttpContextBase.Timestamp.)
Public property Trace Gets the TraceContext object for the current HTTP response. (Overrides HttpContextBase.Trace.)
Public property User Gets or sets security information for the current HTTP request. (Overrides HttpContextBase.User.)
Public property WebSocketNegotiatedProtocol Gets the negotiated protocol that was sent from the server to the client for an AspNetWebSocket request. (Overrides HttpContextBase.WebSocketNegotiatedProtocol.)
Public property WebSocketRequestedProtocols Gets the ordered list of protocols requested by the client. (Overrides HttpContextBase.WebSocketRequestedProtocols.)
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