This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

HttpCachePolicyWrapper Methods

The HttpCachePolicyWrapper type exposes the following members.

Public method AddValidationCallback Registers a validation callback for the current response. (Overrides HttpCachePolicyBase.AddValidationCallback(HttpCacheValidateHandler, Object).)
Public method AppendCacheExtension Appends the specified text to the Cache-Control HTTP header. (Overrides HttpCachePolicyBase.AppendCacheExtension(String).)
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Public method SetAllowResponseInBrowserHistory Makes the response available in the browser history cache, regardless of the HttpCacheability setting made on the server. (Overrides HttpCachePolicyBase.SetAllowResponseInBrowserHistory(Boolean).)
Public method SetCacheability(HttpCacheability) Sets the Cache-Control header to the specified HttpCacheability value. (Overrides HttpCachePolicyBase.SetCacheability(HttpCacheability).)
Public method SetCacheability(HttpCacheability, String) Sets the Cache-Control header to the specified HttpCacheability value and appends an extension to the directive. (Overrides HttpCachePolicyBase.SetCacheability(HttpCacheability, String).)
Public method SetETag Sets the ETag HTTP header to the specified string. (Overrides HttpCachePolicyBase.SetETag(String).)
Public method SetETagFromFileDependencies Sets the ETag HTTP header based on the time stamps of the handler's file dependencies. (Overrides HttpCachePolicyBase.SetETagFromFileDependencies().)
Public method SetExpires Sets the Expires HTTP header to an absolute date and time. (Overrides HttpCachePolicyBase.SetExpires(DateTime).)
Public method SetLastModified Sets the Last-Modified HTTP header to the specified date and time. (Overrides HttpCachePolicyBase.SetLastModified(DateTime).)
Public method SetLastModifiedFromFileDependencies Sets the Last-Modified HTTP header based on the time stamps of the handler's file dependencies. (Overrides HttpCachePolicyBase.SetLastModifiedFromFileDependencies().)
Public method SetMaxAge Sets the Cache-Control: max-age HTTP header to the specified time span. (Overrides HttpCachePolicyBase.SetMaxAge(TimeSpan).)
Public method SetNoServerCaching Stops all origin-server caching for the current response. (Overrides HttpCachePolicyBase.SetNoServerCaching().)
Public method SetNoStore Sets the Cache-Control: no-store HTTP header. (Overrides HttpCachePolicyBase.SetNoStore().)
Public method SetNoTransforms Sets the Cache-Control: no-transform HTTP header. (Overrides HttpCachePolicyBase.SetNoTransforms().)
Public method SetOmitVaryStar Specifies whether the response contains the vary:* header when varying by parameters. (Overrides HttpCachePolicyBase.SetOmitVaryStar(Boolean).)
Public method SetProxyMaxAge Sets the Cache-Control: s-maxage HTTP header to the specified time span. (Overrides HttpCachePolicyBase.SetProxyMaxAge(TimeSpan).)
Public method SetRevalidation Sets the Cache-Control HTTP header to either the must-revalidate or the proxy-revalidate directives, based on the specified enumeration value. (Overrides HttpCachePolicyBase.SetRevalidation(HttpCacheRevalidation).)
Public method SetSlidingExpiration Sets cache expiration to absolute or sliding. (Overrides HttpCachePolicyBase.SetSlidingExpiration(Boolean).)
Public method SetValidUntilExpires Specifies whether the ASP.NET cache should ignore HTTP Cache-Control headers sent by the client that invalidate the cache. (Overrides HttpCachePolicyBase.SetValidUntilExpires(Boolean).)
Public method SetVaryByCustom Specifies a text string to vary cached output responses by. (Overrides HttpCachePolicyBase.SetVaryByCustom(String).)
Public method ToString Returns a string that represents the current object. (Inherited from Object.)