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HttpApplication Events

The events of the HttpApplication class are listed here. For a complete list of HttpApplication class members, see the HttpApplication Members topic.

Public Events

public eventAcquireRequestState Occurs when ASP.NET acquires the current state (for example, session state) associated with the current request.
public eventAuthenticateRequest Occurs when a security module has established the identity of the user.
public eventAuthorizeRequest Occurs when a security module has verified user authorization.
public eventBeginRequest Occurs as the first event in the HTTP pipeline chain of execution when ASP.NET responds to a request.
public eventDisposed Adds an event handler to listen to the Disposed event on the application.
public eventEndRequest Occurs as the last event to in the HTTP pipeline chain of execution when ASP.NET responds to a request.
public eventError Occurs when an unhandled exception is thrown.
public eventPostRequestHandlerExecute Occurs when the ASP.NET handler (page, XML Web service) finishes execution.
public eventPreRequestHandlerExecute Occurs just before ASP.NET begins executing a handler such as a page or XML Web service.
public eventPreSendRequestContent Occurs just before ASP.NET sends content to the client.
public eventPreSendRequestHeaders Occurs just before ASP.NET sends HTTP headers to the client.
public eventReleaseRequestState Occurs after ASP.NET finishes executing all request handlers. This event causes state modules to save the current state data.
public eventResolveRequestCache Occurs when ASP.NET completes an authorization event to let the caching modules serve requests from the cache, bypassing execution of the handler (the page or XML Web service, for example).
public eventUpdateRequestCache Occurs when ASP.NET finishes executing a handler in order to let caching modules store responses that will be used to serve subsequent requests from the cache.

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