System.Web.Http.ValueProviders.Providers Namespace

The System.Web.Http.ValueProviders.Providers namespace provides classes for the abstraction over values actually came from.

  Class Description
Public class CompositeValueProvider Represents a value provider whose values come from a list of value providers that implements the IEnumerable interface.
Public class CompositeValueProviderFactory Represents a factory for creating a list of value-provider objects.
Public class NameValuePairsValueProvider A value provider for name/value pairs.
Public class QueryStringValueProvider Represents a value provider for query strings that are contained in a NameValueCollection object.
Public class QueryStringValueProviderFactory Represents a class that is responsible for creating a new instance of a query-string value-provider object.
Public class RouteDataValueProvider Represents a value provider for route data that is contained in an object that implements the IDictionary(Of TKey, TValue) interface.
Public class RouteDataValueProviderFactory Represents a factory for creating route-data value provider objects.