System.Web.Http.Routing Namespace

The System.Web.Http.Routing namespace contains class that specifies route properties.

  Class Description
Public class HttpMethodConstraint Enables you to define which HTTP verbs are allowed when ASP.NET routing determines whether a URL matches a route.
Public class HttpRoute Represents a route class for self-host (i.e. hosted outside of ASP.NET).
Public class HttpRouteData Encapsulates information regarding the HTTP route.
Public class HttpRouteValueDictionary Represents a route class for self-host of specified key/value pairs.
Public class HttpVirtualPathData Presents the data regarding the HTTP virtual path.
Public class UrlHelper

  Interface Description
Public interface IHttpRoute IHttpRoute defines the interface for a route expressing how to map an incoming HttpRequestMessage to a particular controller and action.
Public interface IHttpRouteConstraint Represents a base class route constraint.
Public interface IHttpRouteData Provides information about a route.
Public interface IHttpVirtualPathData Defines the properties for HTTP route.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration HttpRouteDirection Specifies an enumeration of route direction.