ModelBinderParameterBinding Class

Describes a parameter that gets bound via ModelBinding.


Namespace:  System.Web.Http.ModelBinding
Assembly:  System.Web.Http (in System.Web.Http.dll)

Public Class ModelBinderParameterBinding _
	Inherits HttpParameterBinding _
	Implements IValueProviderParameterBinding
Dim instance As ModelBinderParameterBinding

The ModelBinderParameterBinding type exposes the following members.

Public methodModelBinderParameterBindingInitializes a new instance of the ModelBinderParameterBinding class.

Public propertyBinderGets the model binder.
Public propertyDescriptorGets the HttpParameterDescriptor that was used to initialize this instance. (Inherited from HttpParameterBinding.)
Public propertyErrorMessageIf the binding is invalid, gets an error message that describes the binding error. (Inherited from HttpParameterBinding.)
Public propertyIsValidGets a value that indicates whether the binding was successful. (Inherited from HttpParameterBinding.)
Public propertyValueProviderFactoriesGets the collection of value provider factory.
Public propertyWillReadBodyReturns a value indicating whether this HttpParameterBinding instance will read the entity body of the HTTP message. (Inherited from HttpParameterBinding.)

Public methodEquals (Inherited from Object.)
Public methodExecuteBindingAsyncAsynchronously executes the parameter binding via the model binder. (Overrides HttpParameterBinding.ExecuteBindingAsync(ModelMetadataProvider, HttpActionContext, CancellationToken).)
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Protected methodGetValue Gets the parameter value from argument dictionary of the action context. (Inherited from HttpParameterBinding.)
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Protected methodSetValueSets the result of this parameter binding in the argument dictionary of the action context. (Inherited from HttpParameterBinding.)
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