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System.Web.Hosting Namespace

The System.Web.Hosting namespace provides the functionality for hosting ASP.NET applications from managed applications outside Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).

Public classAppDomainFactoryInfrastructure. Creates a new AppDomain instance for the Web application. This class cannot be inherited. This class was used by earlier versions of the .NET Framework than version 2.0, which uses the AppManagerAppDomainFactory class instead.
Public classAppDomainInfoInfrastructure. Provides information about the application domain.
Public classAppDomainInfoEnumInfrastructure. Provides access to an application domain.
Public classAppDomainProtocolHandlerInfrastructure. Provides support for programmatic access to application domain protocols.
Public classApplicationHostEnables hosting of ASP.NET pages outside the Internet Information Services (IIS) application. This class enables the host to create application domains for processing ASP.NET requests.
Public classApplicationInfoProvides information about a running application. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classApplicationManagerManages ASP.NET application domains for an ASP.NET hosting application.
Public classAppManagerAppDomainFactoryInfrastructure. Creates and stops application domains for a Web-application manager. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classHostingEnvironmentProvides application-management functions and application services to a managed application within its application domain. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classHostSecurityPolicyResolverProvides a way to customize ASP.NET behavior at run time that overrides the ASP.NET code access security policy.
Public classISAPIRuntimeInfrastructure. Manages HttpWorkerRequest objects in the .NET Framework. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classProcessHostInfrastructure. Represents a process host.
Public classProcessHostFactoryHelperInfrastructure. Provides a method to retrieve an IProcessHost interface.
Public classProcessProtocolHandlerInfrastructure. Provides support for protocol handlers.
Public classSimpleWorkerRequestProvides a simple implementation of the HttpWorkerRequest abstract class that can be used to host ASP.NET applications outside an Internet Information Services (IIS) application. You can employ SimpleWorkerRequest directly or extend it.
Public classVirtualDirectoryRepresents a directory object in a virtual file or resource space.
Public classVirtualFileRepresents a file object in a virtual file or resource space.
Public classVirtualFileBaseProvides the core implementation for the VirtualFile and VirtualDirectory objects. An abstract class, it cannot be instantiated.
Public classVirtualPathProviderProvides a set of methods that enable a Web application to retrieve resources from a virtual file system.

Public interfaceIAdphManagerInfrastructure. Manages an application domain protocol handler
Public interfaceIAppDomainFactoryInfrastructure. Defines a single method to create a new AppDomain instance for a Web application. This interface was used by .NET Framework versions earlier than 2.0; version 2.0 uses the IAppManagerAppDomainFactory interface instead.
Public interfaceIAppDomainInfoInfrastructure. Provides information about the application domain.
Public interfaceIAppDomainInfoEnumInfrastructure. Provides access to an application domain.
Public interfaceIApplicationHostInfrastructure. Retrieves information about the application host.
Public interfaceIApplicationPreloadManagerInfrastructure. Provides methods that ASP.NET uses to invoke the application-preload feature in IIS 7.0.
Public interfaceIApplicationPreloadUtilInfrastructure. Provides methods that ASP.NET uses to communicate with IIS 7.0 while the server preloads an application.
Public interfaceIAppManagerAppDomainFactoryInfrastructure. Defines a method used to create an AppDomain instance for a Web-application manager and a method used to stop all AppDomain instances for a Web-application manager.
Public interfaceIISAPIRuntimeInfrastructure. Defines methods used to create HttpWorkerRequest objects in the .NET Framework.
Public interfaceIListenerChannelCallbackInfrastructure. Provides listener-channel notifications from protocol handlers to the worker process framework. Also enables protocol handlers to access additional parameters, such as the ID of the listener channel.
Public interfaceIPphManagerInfrastructure. Provides stop and start control of listener channels.
Public interfaceIProcessHostInfrastructure. Defines the set of process-wide functionality that every host of the application manager must implement.
Public interfaceIProcessHostFactoryHelperInfrastructure. Provides a method to retrieve an IProcessHost interface.
Public interfaceIProcessHostIdleAndHealthCheckInfrastructure. Provides ways to check on the state of a process.
Public interfaceIProcessHostPreloadClientDefines an interface that can be implemented in a type in order to preload the type in an ASP.NET application that is running on IIS 7.0.
Public interfaceIProcessHostSupportFunctionsInfrastructure. Provides helper functions for the process host.
Public interfaceIProcessPingCallbackInfrastructure. Provides functionality to respond to a ping request.
Public interfaceIRegisteredObjectDefines methods for objects that are managed by the hosting environment.

Public enumerationHostSecurityPolicyResultsSpecifies the type of security policy to apply to an assembly.

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