System.Web.Helpers Namespace

The System.Web.Helpers namespace contains classes that simplify programming in ASP.NET Web Pages by providing ready-made solutions for common functionality. This namespace includes classes that help you to provide security, to validate form data, to organize and display information and images, to send email messages, and to work with data returned from web services.

Public classAntiForgeryHelps prevent malicious scripts from submitting forged page requests.
Public classChartDisplays data in the form of a graphical chart.
Public classChartThemeSpecifies visual themes for a Chart object.
Public classCryptoProvides methods to generate hash values and encrypt passwords or other sensitive data.
Public classDynamicJsonArrayRepresents a series of values as a JavaScript-like array by using the dynamic capabilities of the Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR).
Public classDynamicJsonObjectRepresents a collection of values as a JavaScript-like object by using the capabilities of the Dynamic Language Runtime.
Public classJsonProvides methods for working with data in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format.
Public classObjectInfoRenders the property names and values of the specified object and of any subobjects that it references.
Public classServerInfoDisplays information about the web server environment that hosts the current web page.
Public classUnvalidatedRequestValuesProvides access to unvalidated form values in the HttpRequest object.
Public classValidationExcludes fields of the Request object from being checked for potentially unsafe HTML markup and client script.
Public classWebCacheProvides a cache to store frequently accessed data.
Public classWebGridDisplays data on a web page using an HTML table element.
Public classWebGridColumnRepresents a column in a WebGrid instance.
Public classWebGridRowRepresents a row in a WebGrid instance.
Public classWebImageRepresents an object that lets you display and manage images in a web page.
Public classWebMailProvides a way to construct and send an email message using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

Public enumerationSortDirectionSpecifies the direction in which to sort a list of items.
Public enumerationWebGridPagerModesSpecifies flags that describe the methods that are provided for moving between the pages of a WebGrid instance.