This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Web.DynamicData Namespace

Updated: July 2008

The System.Web.DynamicData namespace contains classes that provide the core functionality for ASP.NET Dynamic Data. It also provides extensibility features that let you customize dynamic data behavior.

Public classContextConfigurationProvides information for a data-context instance in order to allow customization.
Public classDynamicControlDisplays the content that is defined for the field in templated data-bound controls, using ASP.NET Dynamic Data features.
Public classDynamicControlParameterRepresents a parameter that is used for master-detail filters in which a data source gets information from another data control.
Public classDynamicDataExtensionsProvides extension methods that are used by ASP.NET Dynamic Data.
Public classDynamicDataManagerEnables dynamic behavior for ASP.NET Web controls that support ASP.NET Dynamic Data.
Public classDynamicDataRouteRepresents a route that is used by ASP.NET Dynamic Data.
Public classDynamicDataRouteHandlerProcesses ASP.NET Dynamic Data route patterns.
Public classDynamicFieldRepresents a data field that is displayed in a data-bound control that uses ASP.NET Dynamic Data features.
Public classDynamicQueryStringParameterAutomatically generates a collection of parameters that is used to create the Where clause for the data source control by retrieving query string values.
Public classDynamicValidatorEnforces and catches exceptions that are thrown in a data model and displays the error.
Public classDynamicValidatorEventArgsBase class for DynamicValidator classes that contain event data.
Public classFieldTemplateFactoryCreates a field template.
Public classFieldTemplateUserControlRepresents the base class for all field template controls.
Public classFilterRepeaterRepresents a control that enumerates table columns that can be filtered.
Public classFilterUserControlBaseProvides the base class for user controls that are used to filter data in a data table. This class is used to display filter selectors.
Public classMetaChildrenColumnRepresents a database field that indicates a one-to-many relationship.
Public classMetaColumnRepresents a database column that is used by Dynamic Data.
Public classMetaForeignKeyColumnRepresents a database foreign-key field that is used by ASP.NET Dynamic Data.
Public classMetaModelRepresents one or multiple databases that are used by ASP.NET Dynamic Data.
Public classMetaTableRepresents the metadata that describes a table for use by Dynamic Data pages.
Public classPageActionSpecifies default action values that are used by the routing mechanism in ASP.NET Dynamic Data applications.
Public classTableNameAttributeProvides an attribute to change the displayed name for a table.

Public interfaceIControlParameterTargetDefines members that a class must implement in order to provide data to for an instance of the DynamicControlParameter class.
Public interfaceIDynamicDataSourceRepresents a data source for a Dynamic Data control.
Public interfaceIDynamicValidatorExceptionRepresents an interface implemented by Dynamic Data Exception classes.
Public interfaceIFieldFormattingOptionsDefines an interface for common formatting-option properties to be applied to field template user controls.
Public interfaceIFieldTemplateDefines members that a class must implement in order to be recognized as a field template.
Public interfaceIFieldTemplateFactoryDefines an interface implemented by objects that create field templates.
Public interfaceIFieldTemplateHostDefines members that must be implemented by a class that manages the use of field-template user controls.
Public interfaceIWhereParametersProviderImplemented by parameter classes that provide one or many Where parameters.

Public enumerationDynamicDataSourceOperationDescribes the type of operation that is being performed by the data source object.




July 2008

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