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ProfileSection Class
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ProfileSection Class

The ProfileSection class provides a way to programmatically access and modify the profile section of a configuration file. This class cannot be inherited.

Namespace:  System.Web.Configuration
Assembly:  System.Web (in System.Web.dll)

public sealed class ProfileSection : ConfigurationSection

The ProfileSection type exposes the following members.

Public methodProfileSectionInfrastructure. Initializes a new instance of the ProfileSection class using default settings.

Public propertyAutomaticSaveEnabledGets or sets a value that determines whether changes to user-profile information are automatically saved on page exit.
Public propertyCurrentConfigurationGets a reference to the top-level Configuration instance that represents the configuration hierarchy that the current ConfigurationElement instance belongs to. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Public propertyDefaultProviderGets or sets the name of the default profile provider.
Public propertyElementInformationGets an ElementInformation object that contains the non-customizable information and functionality of the ConfigurationElement object. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Protected propertyElementPropertyGets the ConfigurationElementProperty object that represents the ConfigurationElement object itself. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Public propertyEnabledGets or sets a value indicating whether the ASP.NET profile feature is enabled.
Public propertyInheritsGets or sets a type reference for a custom type derived from ProfileBase.
Protected propertyItem[ConfigurationProperty]Gets or sets a property or attribute of this configuration element. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Protected propertyItem[String]Gets or sets a property, attribute, or child element of this configuration element. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Public propertyLockAllAttributesExceptGets the collection of locked attributes. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Public propertyLockAllElementsExceptGets the collection of locked elements. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Public propertyLockAttributesGets the collection of locked attributes (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Public propertyLockElementsGets the collection of locked elements. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Public propertyLockItemGets or sets a value indicating whether the element is locked. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Protected propertyPropertiesGets the collection of properties. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Public propertyPropertySettingsGets a RootProfilePropertySettingsCollection collection of ProfilePropertySettings objects.
Public propertyProvidersGets a collection of ProviderSettings objects.
Public propertySectionInformationGets a SectionInformation object that contains the non-customizable information and functionality of the ConfigurationSection object. (Inherited from ConfigurationSection.)

Protected methodDeserializeElementReads XML from the configuration file. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Protected methodDeserializeSectionInfrastructure. Reads XML from the configuration file. (Inherited from ConfigurationSection.)
Public methodEqualsCompares the current ConfigurationElement instance to the specified object. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Public methodGetHashCodeGets a unique value representing the current ConfigurationElement instance. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Protected methodGetRuntimeObjectReturns a custom object when overridden in a derived class. (Inherited from ConfigurationSection.)
Public methodGetTypeGets the Type of the current instance. (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodInitSets the ConfigurationElement object to its initial state. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Protected methodInitializeDefaultUsed to initialize a default set of values for the ConfigurationElement object. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Protected methodIsModifiedIndicates whether this configuration element has been modified since it was last saved or loaded when implemented in a derived class. (Inherited from ConfigurationSection.)
Public methodIsReadOnlyGets a value indicating whether the ConfigurationElement object is read-only. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Protected methodResetResets the internal state of the ConfigurationElement object, including the locks and the properties collections. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Protected methodResetModifiedResets the value of the IsModified method to false when implemented in a derived class. (Inherited from ConfigurationSection.)
Protected methodSerializeElementWrites the contents of this configuration element to the configuration file when implemented in a derived class. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Protected methodSerializeSectionInfrastructure. Creates an XML string containing an unmerged view of the ConfigurationSection object as a single section to write to a file. (Inherited from ConfigurationSection.)
Protected methodSerializeToXmlElementWrites the outer tags of this configuration element to the configuration file when implemented in a derived class. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Protected methodSetReadOnlySets the IsReadOnly property for the ConfigurationElement object and all subelements. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)
Protected methodShouldSerializeElementInTargetVersionIndicates whether the specified element should be serialized when the configuration object hierarchy is serialized for the specified target version of the .NET Framework. (Inherited from ConfigurationSection.)
Protected methodShouldSerializePropertyInTargetVersionIndicates whether the specified property should be serialized when the configuration object hierarchy is serialized for the specified target version of the .NET Framework. (Inherited from ConfigurationSection.)
Protected methodShouldSerializeSectionInTargetVersionIndicates whether the current ConfigurationSection instance should be serialized when the configuration object hierarchy is serialized for the specified target version of the .NET Framework. (Inherited from ConfigurationSection.)
Public methodToStringReturns a string that represents the current object. (Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodUnmergeModifies the ConfigurationElement object to remove all values that should not be saved. (Inherited from ConfigurationElement.)

The ProfileSection class provides a way to programmatically access and modify the content of the configuration file profile section. The profile section of the configuration file specifies a schema for user profiles. At run time, the ASP.NET compilation system uses the information specified in the profile section to generate a class called ProfileCommon, which is derived from ProfileBase. The ProfileCommon class definition is based on the properties defined in the profile section of the configuration file. The class allows you to access and modify the values for individual profiles. An instance of this class is created for each user profile, and you can access the individual profile values in your code through the HttpContext.Profile property. For more information about the profile features added to ASP.NET 2.0, see ASP.NET Profile Properties Overview.

The following configuration file excerpt shows how to declaratively specify values for several properties of the ProfileSection class.

  <profile enabled = "true" 
      <add  name="AspNetSqlProfileProvider"
        description="Stores and retrieves profile data from the 
local Microsoft SQL Server database" />
      <add name = "FirstName"/>
      <add name = "LastName"/>
      <add name = "FavoriteURLs" type =
        "System.Collection.Specialized.StringCollection, System" 
        serializeAs = "Xml"/>      
      <add name = "ShoppingCart" type = 
        "MyCommerce.ShoppingCart, MyCommerce" 
        serializeAs = "Binary"/>
      <group name = "SiteColors" >
        <add name = "BackGround"/>
        <add name = "SideBar"/>
        <add name = "ForeGroundText"/>
        <add name = "ForeGroundBorders"/>
      <group name="Forums">
        <add name = "HasAvatar" type="bool" provider="Forums"/>
        <add name = "LastLogin" type="DateTime" provider="Forums"/>
        <add name = "TotalPosts" type="int" provider="Forums"/>

The following code example shows how to use the ProfileSection type.

using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Specialized;
using System.IO;
using System.Text;
using System.Text.RegularExpressions;
using System.Configuration;
using System.Web.Configuration;

namespace Samples.Aspnet.SystemWebConfiguration
    // Accesses the System.Web.Configuration.ProfileSection members 
    // selected by the user. 
    class UsingProfileSection
        public static void Main()
            // Process the System.Web.Configuration.ProfileSectionobject. 
                // Get the Web application configuration.
                System.Configuration.Configuration configuration = 

                // Get the section.
                System.Web.Configuration.ProfileSection profileSection = 

// Get the current AutomaticSaveEnabled property value.
    "Current AutomaticSaveEnabled value: '{0}'", profileSection.AutomaticSaveEnabled);

// Set the AutomaticSaveEnabled property to false.
profileSection.AutomaticSaveEnabled = false;

// Get the current DefaultProvider property value.
    "Current DefaultProvider value: '{0}'", profileSection.DefaultProvider);

// Set the DefaultProvider property to "AspNetSqlProvider".
profileSection.DefaultProvider = "AspNetSqlProvider";

// Get the current Inherits property value.
    "Current Inherits value: '{0}'", profileSection.Inherits);

// Set the Inherits property to 
// "CustomProfiles.MyCustomProfile, CustomProfiles.dll".
profileSection.Inherits = "CustomProfiles.MyCustomProfile, CustomProfiles.dll";

// Display all current root ProfilePropertySettings.
Console.WriteLine("Current Root ProfilePropertySettings:");
int rootPPSCtr = 0;
foreach (ProfilePropertySettings rootPPS in profileSection.PropertySettings)
    Console.WriteLine("  {0}: ProfilePropertySetting '{1}'", ++rootPPSCtr,

// Get and modify a root ProfilePropertySettings object.
    "Display and modify 'LastReadDate' ProfilePropertySettings:");
ProfilePropertySettings profilePropertySettings =

// Get the current ReadOnly property value.
    "Current ReadOnly value: '{0}'", profilePropertySettings.ReadOnly);

// Set the ReadOnly property to true.
profilePropertySettings.ReadOnly = true;

// Get the current AllowAnonymous property value.
    "Current AllowAnonymous value: '{0}'", profilePropertySettings.AllowAnonymous);

// Set the AllowAnonymous property to true.
profilePropertySettings.AllowAnonymous = true;

// Get the current SerializeAs property value.
    "Current SerializeAs value: '{0}'", profilePropertySettings.SerializeAs);

// Set the SerializeAs property to SerializationMode.Binary.
profilePropertySettings.SerializeAs = SerializationMode.Binary;

// Get the current Type property value.
    "Current Type value: '{0}'", profilePropertySettings.Type);

// Set the Type property to "System.DateTime".
profilePropertySettings.Type = "System.DateTime";

// Get the current DefaultValue property value.
    "Current DefaultValue value: '{0}'", profilePropertySettings.DefaultValue);

// Set the DefaultValue property to "March 16, 2004".
profilePropertySettings.DefaultValue = "March 16, 2004";

// Get the current ProviderName property value.
    "Current ProviderName value: '{0}'", profilePropertySettings.Provider);

// Set the ProviderName property to "AspNetSqlRoleProvider".
profilePropertySettings.Provider = "AspNetSqlRoleProvider";

// Get the current Name property value.
    "Current Name value: '{0}'", profilePropertySettings.Name);

// Set the Name property to "LastAccessDate".
profilePropertySettings.Name = "LastAccessDate";

// Display all current ProfileGroupSettings.
Console.WriteLine("Current ProfileGroupSettings:");
int PGSCtr = 0;
foreach (ProfileGroupSettings propGroups in profileSection.PropertySettings.GroupSettings)
    Console.WriteLine("  {0}: ProfileGroupSetting '{1}'", ++PGSCtr,
    int PPSCtr = 0;
    foreach (ProfilePropertySettings props in propGroups.PropertySettings)
        Console.WriteLine("    {0}: ProfilePropertySetting '{1}'", ++PPSCtr,

// Add a new group.
ProfileGroupSettings newPropGroup = new ProfileGroupSettings("Forum");

// Add a new PropertySettings to the group.
ProfilePropertySettings newProp = new ProfilePropertySettings("AvatarImage");
newProp.Type = "System.String, System.dll";

// Remove a PropertySettings from the group.

// Clear all PropertySettings from the group.

// Display all current Providers.
Console.WriteLine("Current Providers:");
int providerCtr = 0;
foreach (ProviderSettings provider in profileSection.Providers)
    Console.WriteLine("  {0}: Provider '{1}' of type '{2}'", ++providerCtr, 
        provider.Name, provider.Type);

// Add a new provider.
profileSection.Providers.Add(new ProviderSettings("AspNetSqlProvider", "...SqlProfileProvider"));

// Get the current Enabled property value.
    "Current Enabled value: '{0}'", profileSection.Enabled);

// Set the Enabled property to false.
profileSection.Enabled = false;

                // Update if not locked. 
                if (! profileSection.SectionInformation.IsLocked)
                    Console.WriteLine("** Configuration updated.");
                    Console.WriteLine("** Could not update, section is locked.");
            catch (System.ArgumentException e)
                // Unknown error.
                    "A invalid argument exception detected in UsingProfileSection Main. Check your");
                Console.WriteLine("command line for errors.");
    } // UsingProfileSection class end.

} // Samples.Aspnet.SystemWebConfiguration namespace end.

.NET Framework

Supported in: 4.6, 4.5, 4, 3.5, 3.0, 2.0

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.
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