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ProfileGroupSettingsCollection Class

Contains a set of ProfileGroupSettings objects.

Namespace:  System.Web.Configuration
Assembly:  System.Web (in System.Web.dll)

[ConfigurationCollectionAttribute(typeof(ProfileGroupSettings), AddItemName = "group")]
public sealed class ProfileGroupSettingsCollection : ConfigurationElementCollection

The ProfileGroupSettingsCollection class contains a collection of ProfileGroupSettings objects, which each contain a collection of ProfilePropertySettings objects.

The ProfilePropertySettings class provides a way to programmatically create, access, and modify the definition of an individual property added to the <properties> subsection of the <profile> section of a configuration file.

The <profile> section of the configuration file specifies a schema for user profiles. At run time, the ASP.NET compilation system uses the information specified in the <profile> section to generate a class called ProfileCommon, which is derived from ProfileBase. The ProfileCommon class definition is based on the properties defined in the <properties> subsection of the <profile> section of the configuration file.

For more information about profile properties, see ASP.NET Profile Properties Overview. For more information about the profile features added to ASP.NET version 2.0, see ASP.NET Profile Properties Overview.

The following configuration file excerpt shows how to declaratively specify values for several properties of the ProfileGroupSettingsCollection as <group> elements of the <properties> element of the <profile> configuration file section.

  <profile enabled = "true"          defaultProvider="AspNetSqlProfileProvider">
      <add  name="AspNetSqlProfileProvider"
        type="System.Web.Profile.SqlProfileProvider "
        description="Stores and retrieves profile data from the 
        local Microsoft SQL Server database" />

      <group name = "SiteColors" >
        <add name = "BackGround"/>
        <add name = "SideBar"/>
        <add name = "ForeGroundText"/>
        <add name = "ForeGroundBorders"/>
      <group name="Forums">
        <add name = "HasAvatar" type="bool" provider="Forums"/>
        <add name = "LastLogin" type="DateTime" provider="Forums"/>
        <add name = "TotalPosts" type="int" provider="Forums"/>

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