FormsAuthenticationConfiguration.Domain Property


Gets or sets the domain name to be sent with forms authentication cookies.

Namespace:   System.Web.Configuration
Assembly:  System.Web (in System.Web.dll)

<ConfigurationPropertyAttribute("domain", DefaultValue := "")>
Public Property Domain As String

Property Value

Type: System.String

The name of the domain for the outgoing forms authentication cookies. Default is an empty string.

The Domain is used for the authentication cookies.

This property corresponds to the value of HttpCookie.Domain.

This setting will take precedence over the domain attribute of the section for forms authentication cookies.

The following code example shows how to access the Domain property. Refer to the code example in the FormsAuthenticationConfiguration class topic to learn how to get the section.

' Get the current Domain.
Dim currentDomain As String = formsAuthentication.Domain

' Set the current Domain
formsAuthentication.Domain = "newDomain"

.NET Framework
Available since 2.0
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