This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Web.Compilation Namespace

The System.Web.Compilation namespace contains classes for generating and compiling custom file types within the ASP.NET build environment.

Public classAppSettingsExpressionBuilderRetrieves values, as specified in a declarative expression, from the <appSettings> section of the Web.config file.
Public classAssemblyBuilderProvides a container for building an assembly from one or more virtual paths within an ASP.NET project.
Public classBuildDependencySetRepresents dependencies returned by the build manager.
Public classBuildManagerProvides a set of methods to help manage the compilation of an ASP.NET application.
Public classBuildManagerHostUnloadEventArgsContains event data for the AppDomainShutdown event and the AppDomainUnloaded event.
Public classBuildProviderDefines a set of properties and methods for generating source code within the ASP.NET build environment. This class is abstract.
Public classBuildProviderAppliesToAttributeDefines an attribute that specifies the scope where a build provider will be applied when a resource is located. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classClientBuildManagerProvides compilation services for ASP.NET applications.
Public classClientBuildManagerCallbackReceives status information about a build from the ClientBuildManager object.
Public classClientBuildManagerParameterContains values passed to the ASP.NET compiler during precompilation.
Public classCompilerTypeRepresents the compiler settings used within the ASP.NET build environment to generate and compile source code from a virtual path. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classConnectionStringsExpressionBuilderRetrieves, or generates code to retrieve, values from the <connectionStrings> section of the Web.config file.
Public classDesignTimeResourceProviderFactoryAttributeSpecifies the type of resource provider factory for design time. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classExpressionBuilderEvaluates expressions during page parsing.
Public classExpressionBuilderContextProvides the context for an ExpressionBuilder object.
Public classExpressionEditorAttributeSpecifies the design-time editor of the expression builder. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classExpressionPrefixAttributeSpecifies the prefix attribute to use for the expression builder. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classFolderLevelBuildProviderAppliesToAttributeDefines an attribute that specifies the scope where a FolderLevelBuildProvider object should be applied when a resource is located.
Public classImplicitResourceKeyContains fields that identify an implicit resource key.
Public classLinePragmaCodeInfoContains properties for a script block being parsed.
Public classResourceExpressionBuilderProvides code to the page parser for assigning property values on a control.
Public classResourceExpressionFieldsContains the fields from a parsed resource expression.
Public classResourceProviderFactoryServes as the base class for classes that create resource providers.
Public classRouteUrlExpressionBuilderCreates a URL that corresponds to specified URL parameter values.
Public classRouteValueExpressionBuilderRetrieves the value that corresponds to a specified URL parameter in a routed page.
Public classWCFBuildProviderGenerates proxy class code for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services

Public interfaceIAssemblyPostProcessorDefines the method a class implements to process an assembly after the assembly has been built.
Public interfaceIImplicitResourceProviderDefines methods a class implements to act as an implicit resource provider.
Public interfaceIResourceProviderDefines the interface a class must implement to act as a resource provider.
Public interfaceIWcfReferenceReceiveContextInformationDefines the interface to implement to obtain additional context information.

Public delegateBuildManagerHostUnloadEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the AppDomainUnloaded event and the AppDomainShutdown event of a ClientBuildManager object.

Public enumerationBuildProviderAppliesToSpecifies the locations where the BuildProviderAppliesToAttribute attribute is respected during code generation for a resource by a BuildProvider object.
Public enumerationBuildProviderResultFlagsIndicates the required behavior when a virtual path is built.
Public enumerationFolderLevelBuildProviderAppliesToRepresents an enumeration that specifies the target directory that a FolderLevelBuildProvider object applies to.
Public enumerationPrecompilationFlagsProvides flags that determine precompilation behavior.