System.Web.Caching Namespace

Public classAggregateCacheDependency 
Public classCache 
Public classCacheDependencyEstablishes a dependency relationship between an item stored in an ASP.NET application's Cache object and a file, cache key, an array of either, or another CacheDependency object. The CacheDependency class monitors the dependency relationships so that when any of them changes, the cached item will be automatically removed.
Public classDatabaseNotEnabledForNotificationExceptionThe exception that is thrown when a SQL Server database is not enabled to support dependencies associated with the SqlCacheDependency class. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classSqlCacheDependency 
Public classSqlCacheDependencyAdmin 
Public classTableNotEnabledForNotificationExceptionThe exception that is thrown when a SqlCacheDependency class is used against a database table that is not enabled for change notifications.

Public delegateCacheItemRemovedCallback 

Public enumerationCacheItemPrioritySpecifies the relative priority of items stored in the Cache object.
Public enumerationCacheItemRemovedReasonSpecifies the reason an item was removed from the Cache.