This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Web.Caching Namespace

The System.Web.Caching namespace provides classes for caching frequently used data on the server. This includes the Cache class, a dictionary that allows you to store arbitrary data objects, such as hash tables and data sets. It also provides expiration functionality for those objects, and methods that allow you to add and removed the objects. You can also add the objects with a dependency upon other files or cache entries, and perform a callback to notify your application when an object is removed from the Cache.

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
Cache Implements the cache for a Web application. This class cannot be inherited.
CacheDependency Tracks cache dependencies, which can be files, directories, or keys to other objects in your application's Cache. This class cannot be inherited.


Delegate Description
CacheItemRemovedCallback Defines a callback method for notifying applications when a cached item is removed from the Cache.


Enumeration Description
CacheItemPriority Specifies the relative priority of items stored in the Cache.
CacheItemRemovedReason Specifies the reason an item was removed from the Cache.

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