ProfileService.GetPropertiesMetadata Method ()


Retrieves information about the profile properties that are available through the profile service.

Namespace:   System.Web.ApplicationServices
Assembly:  System.Web.Extensions (in System.Web.Extensions.dll)

public ProfilePropertyMetadata[] GetPropertiesMetadata()

Return Value

Type: System.Web.ApplicationServices.ProfilePropertyMetadata[]

An array of ProfilePropertyMetadata objects that contain information about the profile properties.

Use the GetPropertiesMetadata method to retrieve information about profile properties from a client application that is compatible with the Windows Communication Framework (WCF). You can retrieve information such as the following:

  • The name and type of the properties.

  • Whether they are read-only.

  • Whether they can be accessed by users who have not been authenticated.

  • The default values for the properties.

After retrieving these values, a client application can take appropriate actions such as not trying to set a read-only property. The current user does not have to be authenticated in order to call the GetPropertiesMetadata method, because the properties apply to all users.

.NET Framework
Available since 3.5
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