This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Web.ApplicationServices Namespace

The System.Web.ApplicationServices namespace provides classes that enable you to access ASP.NET forms authentication, roles, and profiles application services as Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) services.

The AuthenticationService, RoleService, and ProfileService classes contain methods that let you log on users, check which roles the current user belongs to, and retrieve profile properties for the user through WCF services. The namespace also includes the following classes:

Public classApplicationServicesHostFactoryProvides a factory class that creates instances of the authentication service, role service, and profile service in managed hosting environments.
Public classAuthenticatingEventArgsProvides data for the Authenticating event.
Public classAuthenticationServiceEnables access to ASP.NET forms authentication as a Web service.
Public classCreatingCookieEventArgsProvides data for the CreatingCookie event.
Public classKnownTypesProviderInfrastructure. Creates an array of Type objects that contain the types of individual profile properties.
Public classProfilePropertyMetadataProvides a collection of values that describe a profile property.
Public classProfileServiceEnables access to ASP.NET user profiles through a Web service.
Public classRoleServiceEnables access to the ASP.NET role provider as a WCF Web service.
Public classSelectingProviderEventArgsProvides data for the SelectingProvider event.
Public classValidatingPropertiesEventArgsProvides data for the ValidatingProperties event.